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OK, I am kind of dissapointed that I have not received a reply to my comment...Why is Glenn Beck feeling hopeful? I wondered if he and Sarah Palin and others were thinking about starting a new party. I asked for a thumbs up or thumbs down. I know that alot of people have signed up for the website but 2 months ago I would have received 4-5-6 replys. Now is not the time to quit paying attention. Tell me why G. Beck is feeling hopeful??? (p.s. this is my 3rd and final request.)

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Hi 9-12ers, I tried to post this on the the 912 watchdog site and they would not allow blogs. So, I am asking this question here. Glenn Beck has said recently said , on more than one occasion that he is now seeing the first signs of hope...(I am para-phrasing). My question, the only way I can see Glenn getting excited is that he has knowledge of a new party forming. He is not a fan of the dems or the gop. I also wonder if Sarah Palin is part of this. Please tell me if you think I am full of water or if I am wrong, what is making Glenn fell hopeful? He has said that he will tell us later but I guess I like a good mystery and also want to feel hopeful again. I have 5 children (all adults, 2 active duty) and they let me know when I am wrong, so don't worry about hurting my feelings.

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Two years of listening to Obama...his shelf life is expiring.

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Thanks for letting me know that I was not alone on my thinking. I have a Son (Daniel) who is 29 and has Cystic fibrosis. He had private insurance until he turned 19-20, when he maxed out his benefits, 2 million dollars. He is now on Medicaid. He was lucky that he established a relationship with some of the best Docs in Indpls. He is (again) in the hospital, getting A plus treatment. I lose sleep worrying about this public health care son will be considered expendable. He has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and his great docs are saying 10 more days...what is my son's future?

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Part of me is hoping that something big is coming our way (Palin and Beck are smart and sauvy enough) and part of me is in despair thinking that our numbers are not large enough. I check in with the 912 project atleast 2x a day to make sure that I am not alone.

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OK...I thought that the CBO has been stating how expensive this health care debacle will be. Then, last week, BO "invites" the head of CBO to the White House. Now, I see this morning that the CBO is in favor of a publc plan. OMG, AMERICA, we are in so much trouble! Please tell me that I have something wrong here. Did BO strong arm the CBO?

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Is it just me...or is anyone out there wondering if something is going on in the political horizon with Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. I LOVE them both! I don't mean that G. Beck is going to run for office but be a major proponet for a 3rd party. Part of me is excited and part of me is thinking Ross Perot and 8 years of Bill Clinton because of the 3rd party. I watch GB 5 nights a week and listen to his radio show as much as possible with my work schedule. He has been showing graphs that show the dems and repubs are losing ground and the independents are gaining. But, are there TRULY enough of us out there to defeat BO in 2012 if we go to a 3rd party? As much as I was beside myself with anger over the nomination of J. McCain, he looks now like an angel. His moderate points of view that I could not stomach 9 months ago would be a welcome change to the fundamental change that is going on now. America might have had a chance with McCains bad decisions but America is now in realyy big-big-trouble with this one. If a 3rd party is going to come to be in 2012...we really need to get moving now.

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Sara Palin, Michelle Bachmann 2012!!!!

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I am amazed at the words "liberal jews". I said in Oct. that I could not understand how any Jewish person, conservative or liberal could vote for B.O. I just finished reading the Diary of Ann Frank and also read the book by Miep Gies, who protected the Frank Family. Both of these books are a testaments to bravery and courage! The history of the Jewish people/Hitler is so gut wrenching. B.O. has cozied up to the leaders of Iran and others. I am wondering if the USA jewish people are feeling betrayed?

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I was driving home from work last night listening to Neil Bortz . I forget the topic but he said in exasperation "BOHICA". I wondered if I heard wrong as I had not heard that word before. He then said "Bend Over Here It Comes Again". How funny and how true and how sad.