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I am a native German speaker, so I'll translate the most important facts for you guys (so that everyone knows for what exactly they are donating):

The campain is organised by Tatjanas husband. They were not able to upload a film yet because the cancer leaves little to no room for freetime or a normal family-life.

Tatjana is suffering from cancer for 4 years now. In that time she went through different hospitals, had a big OP, tried alternative healingmethods etc. However, the cancer always got active again.

Despite all this Tatjana herself says that she (translated quote:)
"I want to get fully healthy again. I want to prove the strong healingpower that lies within everyone of us."

Tatjana now wants to try a new and effective cause-treatment and a seven week long stationary cancercure.
This however will cost about 10.000 € which Tatjana and her family will have to pay by therselves, since the health insurances won't pay for it.

Should they not be able to raise enough money, then Tatjana will still try to pay the cause treatment and get the money for the stationary cure on a different way.

Personally I whish her the best. Hope you guys can make sense out of my English. ^^"

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Acceptable! :D

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Ponys kawaii desu! /)^3^(

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Ahh! Can you hear that? That's the sound of awesomeness for living in Germany! Freaking finally we European people have the next con and don't have to envy the US for getting a whole bunch of those... until the con is over, of course. ;)

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Ehm... could somebody explain to me what happened?

It looks like the convention (or the people who attended it) have to suffer financially. Why? Were there not enough visitors or what happened? I mean... as far as I can recall, every convention has been a big success with LOTS AND LOTS of people attending!

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"2 years of work wasted, and this game will never come out whereas EqD made so many posts about it, that's sad."

Yes, I totally agree with you there. I feel bad for the developers. :/ Imagine you just "wasted" 2 years for nothing (except for the experience)...!

I can also understand why people feel like this is a "dick move". But not when you start looking at it from a more objective point of view. Personally I'm also disappointed, since I really looked foreward to that game. Maybe some day some fans get a license from Hasbro. I assess Hasbro as a pretty cooperative company and could imagine that they would give some licenses to the fans. That wouldn't damage their trademark and we would have awesome games etc.

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Guys, come on!

I don't really get, why people would "leave the fandome" just because a game got canceled. Yes, FiM was a big - an in my oppinion awesome - project. But since it got featured for EVO it should have been clear that hasbro couldn't ignore the project any longer.
We should never forget that Hasbro still is a COMPANY. They want to make money! And so of course they would "defend" their product. Otherwise: " Competitors who notice something like this can and will point to it in court as a precedent of permission for derivative works, which harms the value of the franchise."

It's not like Hasbro is suddenly turning against the fandome, it's just that the fandome has developed to a point where we start working on bigger projects like FiM or the MMO. Big projects get more media presence -> hasbro can't ignore them any longer -> they take them down.

For me this is another point that clearly show the copyright-system needs an overhaul. Pronto!

And now please stop bitching on Hasbro for taking it down or EQD for trying to explain it. This is not the end of the fandome and it just dramatizised when suddenly people start pointing at Derpy again and that the Alicorn thing would split the fandome etc. Of course you can see things that darkish but it really isn't.

PS: Sorry for my poorly written English (no native speaker)

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Just to check if I got this right (no native speaker):

"He also mentioned that there will be a New IP for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This new IP is for Older Girls; Teenage and above. The name of the IP will be revealed at a special “Pink Carpet Event” at San Diego Comic Con 2013."

Does this mean they are going to produce a second spin-off-like MLP-Show, aimed at teenagers but leaving FiM how it is?

Or are they going to change the actual FiM series (e.g. by renaming it, since the show will have a new name)?

I trust the writers and a spin-off would be awesome but I don't like the idea of changing the main series...

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You know what to do!
To the buy-mobile! Support them! CHAAARGE!

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You know it's really annoying when you live in Germany and read that another convention etc. is starting in the US. And now suddenly, from all countrys it is Germany that get's the first offical and decent-looking plushies! FUCK. YEAH. :D For once it's awesome to live in Germany. :3