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Looking for the 10-foot pole, where social distancing will not touch this subject... Why, because it would be Anti-Semitic rhetoric.... all the truths here would be called racist, when did behavior ever establish right or wrong in an A-Moral code of Talmudic ethics.

I am a Goyim; I am wrong no matter what I say... There might be some western Semites with Jewish blood that have no clue because they are not Talmudic congregationalist... The rabbit hole of Jewish Rabbis constantly lies to goyim dogs, pigs, cattle, etc. But the iconic western Jew is not steeped in the history of European Religious hatred.
For the most part they are being used by illuminati bloodlines that don't give a crap about poor uniformed Judaics... WWII was a sacrificial bargaining chip for Zionist to get the state of Israel on the map... Hitler was financed by the very Jewish money house on wall street and the corporate heads of International Jewry and the sycophant goyim politicians on the take and money train that leads to a sweet life in the isles of pleasure and greed. They line the hall of the Capital…The current order of Jesuit Nazi corporate DC-Israel is controlling the Military Industrial complex of the USA, as well foreign policy of Zionist controlled Senate and Houses sponsored by AIPAC and the ADL and their subsidiaries in the international mafia run by the Rothschilds, Warburg’s, Rockefellers and there philanthropic fake good deeds the phony financial international bank of settlements that enslave the masses…

See what is said; is so anti-Semitic… yet, the truth is hard to swallow when we have been educated by the state controllers of education brought to us by the Illuminati families that make up the 13 bloodlines and 300 families that are of that blood. They control earth Incorporated… and Washington DC is an Incorporated faction of the Royal crown and the Catholic Jesuit order… Lok it up and start reading the small print… it is being sensors as I write!

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Just seems to me, if the Illuminati and communist, that resemble all things Moe Sa Tung financed by the Schiff’s and Rothchild house of Illuminated cabalistic Machiavellians and Freemasonic amoral degenerates… Now the crypto Russian Mafia Trump, is lying through his teeth, and Putin is being controlled by Judaism and a crypto Christian Putain, trying to make believe he is resurrecting the orthodoxy of Russian Christian Czarist Russia. When in fact the genocidist Bi Bi Netanyahu walks in and out of the Kremlin, LIKE HE OWNS IT! Folks, let us get real, the masses are under the delusion that somehow, we will see the second coming… LOL, the Machiavellian 13 bloodlines still rule the planet… Planet Earth Inc. The corporate monopoly of usurers that control it all. The rest of the story is told by false witness and MSM controlled Rothschildren entities of the holocaustic amalgamations designed by the bankers of Jacob Schiff and Rothschild Federal Reserve central banking of London, a country within a country polices by banking police and Machiavellian shyster merchants bilking the working stiff!
I regress!

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The CFRian doctrine of globalism... Zionist stooges and sycophants wading in the blood of apocalyptic endless wars and the World Banking System of central London with it's Medusa snake petrol dollar sliding into the abyss of fiat dopamine.... A congress of both houses and senate strung out on usury opioids and the printing press of money for nothing and pedophilia for free. Selling us propaganda TV and Refrigerated monetary policy from aliens of non-reality corporate elitist wall street con artist talking heads... What did Bernie Madoff with the swindled money say about those he swindled? They deserve everything they got as greedy Jews and Gentiles. Oh ya, the Chinese use their people in sweat shops and it's a free for all dog eat dog mentality. Communism mixed with capitalistic monopolistic tenancies... Americans need to see between the conditioned state of mind they have been educated to believe... The Rockefeller Foundation of educational dementia fosters good little slaves that fall into the trap of the merchants of the Levant and the Babylonian Talmud of the money changers, A lie its the truth and the truth a lie... swindling the workers of the world!

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The Babylonian Talmud??? the most racist book on the planet. Now, common sense would give credence, that if the Semite Jew is lying through his or her teeth, then they should be judged for their maleficence of judgment they place on others via their beliefs. The whole concept of anti-Semitic dictation comes from their very mouths... Most westerners never would never know about such ridiculous far fetched allegory unless it was not established by them in the first place. But when branded and constantly denying their racist ideology, they call others anti-Semitic as justification to cover their own behaviors with cloak of false accusations for their bad behaviors over the centuries. Goyim are animals??? and Blacks lower than animals??? as well we were created to serve them??? Jesus Christ would roll over in his grave if he had a grave, just listening to the far fetched simple mindedness of Jewish intellectuals... with a Talmudic education and their godless actions toward none Jewish... What anout anti-Goyimism???

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Most people... Christians that believe the Zionist propagated "Gods Chosen People" do not understand that Fanatical Rabbinical Talmudist and their clergy and Jewish congregationalist care nothing for Christians... The see them as idolaters and animals to be lead to the slaughter... The surface mind of myopic Evangelicals who believe myth is truth, exasperate all realities confined to the delusional magic of the Masonic bible and new testament... Michael Hoffman's written work, called, Judaism Discovered, would be a good place to start to understand the renegade destruction of the first century Christian spiritual church... The Talmudist do not believe in the Masonic origins of the bible most people understand represents the Myths of the Godhead and the creation of universal energies that make up our natural world and our oneness with that spiritual reality. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" the last commandment of the Christ consciousness.

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... The Red Headed Onion Head! Is only in office because Hillary Clinton was running as the democratic lunatic that was bought and paid for by the Bilderberger franchise of CFRians and Machiavellian Rothschildren that run the planet... As they said, we should vote for her... Little did the Idiots that voted for Drumpthy Hummpty, tipping the scales with his fat ass, as a Zionist crypto Jewish apartheid BB Netanyahu stereo type, a genocidal freak and racist plutocrat, injecting god knows what substances into his veins . Yet, somehow, we have lost all incite to the demons that run the NWO and all that is merchandised as sanity here on plant, "Brave New World"...

Atlas Shrugged, as we see the natives of racist dementia following the scripted and edited narrative of faceless humanity and the subjective MSM edited destruction of our way of freedoms gone by the wayside... The latter are using anarchic scripted disinformation to create the worst outcome for all who participate in the fiction of racial deceptive dichotomies that destroy our spiritual humanity. As humans we all have spilled blood in the human suffering of genocidal wars, no matter what race we come from… Fruitless is the demagoguery of the false narrative of racial difference… Except we think we are all the same and have the same intellect and creative caricature in a socialist mind set… this is a trick to download the matrix of plutocratic deception that we are all equal… Far from it I’m quite sure. MSM is contributing to chaos and anarchy, and sycophant whites, etc. and blacks are all contributing to the next move of Marshall Law and the military takeover of our country. Innocent blood will be spilled just as we see in the continuous wars the Zionist are fostering on a planetary scale… I regress.

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The religious order of mycological deception, Zion and the Zionist proliferation of the desolation where it should not stand!... The abomination of desolation: a matrix of Zionist Christian-Babylonian Judaism and imperialistic self-serving mono-degenerate merchants that use the rank and file worker for fodder and revolution of false racial ideals designed to keep the human spirt separated from unification on the human everyday level of doing the right thing for one another... Atlas Shrugged, as the elite hunker down in there bunkers of hegemonic 1% isolated from the rest of us that pay the bills...

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WE should start out by not allowing the Federal Reserve to steal the fruits of our labor... i.e. 1913 taxation without proper representation... conspiracy theory 101, "the unseen hand of marionets that are fulcrumed into office through mega corporations and Main Stream media hyperbole... the fulcrum of propaganda that keeps the mind in chaos from morning till night.

Special interest groups that make forgoing policy that contributes to genocide of the poor and the unchosen by god! AIPAC for example, is a foreign lobby group of internationalist that by and sell politicians that follow the politicly correct narrative.... it's not, "We The People" It's we the few with money that want it all are way!

We need more conspiracy theorist! Maybe then we could adapt to the outside the narrative thinking... We are all propagandized from birth till death in the land of OZ... Teach your children not to believe the narrative without first using critical thought... I tell my grown children with kids of their own. I'm sorry I did not see my conditioning much earlier, I could have save you from the delusional construct of the state educational system... < https://wakeup-world.com/2016/05/13/a-brief-histo... >

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Little do people know how joo's believe and how they care nothing for goyim slaves. It's like have a wolf in the hen house. Yet, most information posted here is censored when it comes to religious or racial bias... read Michael Hoffman's works on religious insanity... especially the Jesuit order and the Babylonian influence upon the religions of Israel and one will be more understanding of who is running this country.

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Lets start with a PMA... first on the list is to look at the negative and find the positive. A positive mental attitude can be derived from the negative we are never looking at... a myopia of tunnel vision can distort even the most intuitive resource in our intellectual matrix, that is, we are all subject to erroneous information and the subsequent backlash of driving down the wrong way, on a one-way street. Yet, our intelligentsia ego equation is mixed with conditioning from birth, via... Rockefeller national non-critical thought processes of state run paradigmical distortions, formulated to keep slaves doing what slave do best... Not to think, but work. As I was told during my tenure as a apprentice of a trade I know master... Oh ya, I learn something new everyday... Mostly what I've forgotten, which is more than I know at the moment! It was said that competition was a sin... (Did Rockefeller say that?). Competition is the reason for war and stealing the resources of others that are weaker in the IQ zone of modern state run educational conglomerates... Ignorance is bliss it is said, and the meek will inherit the earth? Buy the looks of it, that truth is sound in the positive realization that those that live by the sword die by the sword... Mother natures way of keeping down the population of the slaves that follow those with such intellegencia.

Just try to be free from the governments tyrannical elitist mentalities of laws that keep us in bondage to mental slavery... yes, their are those that see the delusional format of capitalistic tyranny, called economic freedom, to chose a poison under the educational paradigm of feeding the globalist NWO taxation without representation because the representatives are bought and sold at auction... Now we have Bio-terrorism and pharmaceutical retort!

Death is what we are born with when we take our first breath to enliven the spirit of life... then there is the soul that migrates through eternity that can be manipulated by those that say we have a soul that goes somewhere after death! But who started all this bull shit in the first place?... It looks like living for today is swallowed up by the idea we will boil in excrement's based on Talmudic institutional and ideological fiction created to keep the status quo in power... Now that is a PMA for you!