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He certainly is, especially considering Anderson's DA replacement was the man responsible for ignoring a report by one of the premier arson investigators in the world and pushing ahead with the execution of Todd Cameron Willingham for arson and murder of his daughters despite the evidence showing that the fire had nothing to do with arson and was a normal house fire.

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I can't be a guy that's a law professor at a law school who's ranking is officially ">100" could be so ignorant.

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I think he owes a free mustache ride to all comers to help stimulate the economy.

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Yes, but then every time Obama dies he'll have to restart at the last checkpoint and need to get back to the last place he died in order to reclaim the souls that he's already gained or lose them will really hurt his productivity as far as getting anything done in his second term, let alone being able to level-up enough to effectively use the higher end armor and weapons he'll need.

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But then who will berate me for not ensuring that my wife has back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back life-threatening pregnancies?

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In honor of their father, one of the Zappas should really get up on stage at an NRA rally take a shit on stage in full public view.

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Considering Stalin liked rounding up people randomly, branding them traitors, and then having them shot in the back of the head in a basement, I actually think Teddy would probably would have been an eager member of the NKVD, beating innocents handcuffed to a chair with a rubber hose to get them to sign forged confessions before gleefully shooting them himself.

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I hope that's the sound Mickelson makes when he douses himself with gasoline and lights himself on fire on the steps of the capital to protest the brutal tyranny of having to pay taxes on the millions he got for knocking a ball into a hole in the ground.

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I have a Master's in English and I still never bothered to learn what a comma splice is or ever correct one in my own writing unless someone specifically included red marks on the paper showing me what to change. Also, I'm a lazy drunk.

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I don't know, but the traditional Japanese paper screen filters just scream classy minimalism, though, unfortunately, not protection against an extinction caliber pandemic.