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No Ammo/Health Packs. Scout Only. 2FORT.

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All I can hope for is for Captain Falcon can be in so these two can fist bro the galaxy into oblivion.

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I don't know, she looks like she's itching to bash someone with her hammer in this one.

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My first Sonic Game was Shadow The Hedgehog. My second was Sonic 2006 and my 3rd was Sonic Unleashed.

I still have faith in this franchise yet.

*sips tears of always salty Sonic fans*

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It's because Zoe usually fills our porn needs.

Unless she isn't here anymore.


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It's better with audio.

[youtube nQZJNv30mNA youtube]

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I haven't watch this anime, so I can't make a reference here.

However, I can probably guess that sword will not go far unless you are this guy.

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Obviusly, it would be a Drillbur with a Pickaxe.

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I'm pretty sure your not to Stabby yourself.

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Alright, no one else is here, Time to start it off.

Well we can Slash off that trainer name. He was a cool kid, but he was never Cut out for this. But to be fair, he took a Stab at it, and did a Slice job trying, but in the end, he needed to Hone his skills more. Joust saying.

Knighty Knight, kid.