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I agree with you that it would be far too much (and too expensive) to offer all of L4D2's content via XBLM. I'd love for Valve to offer something to the effect of the Rock Band series' export function, perhaps allowing the original to be on the hard drive and accessible through L4D2. Not going to happen, just wistful thinking.

From what I've seen, I think I'll be getting this one. Pretty darn sure. I should lay off the original for a while to build up an appetite for more zombie slaying. Honestly, if this game was coming out in 2010, I think people would have much less of a problem with it. Maybe some uncertainty of the over-saturation of the genre like the music rhythm genre has (which I'm very happy about and thankful for).

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A bit late, but to anyone interested who didn't know, it's out there. There are some distinct changes to the note charting for each song. Especially considering none of the three were master tracks (so there were added solos in "Woman" and "Rock and Roll All Night." Should definitely check it out.

As I get more involved in Rock Band DLC, this becomes less and less of a "must-buy" for me. Especially with the Iron Maiden track pack that just came out. "Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live)" is one of the best songs in any music rhythm game. I still maintain that Machine Head's cover of it is better (one of my favorite songs ever), but it is still amazing.

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Really good review, I'm happy to hear they actually put a good game underneath the fan service and inside jokes. Often (though not recently as much), 3rd-person action games based on movies have terrible design and wonky physics. They just cannot stand up against their contemporary big hitters. Good to hear this looks to change that.

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I, like many people, am looking forward to this sequel, and am disheartened by it not being there. But honestly, it's better than a really poor, buggy demo.

I didn't know that three staffers will be at E3. That's fricken awesome. I'm looking forward to the coverage.

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Sounds like a good crew. I gotta get my skills up to snuff if I want to play seriously online. Or at least survive on Expert.

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Like a true procrastinator, I've been holding off on picking up any DLC for this great game. But now that the level cap is raised, I'll be picking up all three (Broken Steel first). I may see what the Game Add-on Pack is retailing for to save a few bucks. It'll probably be the same, but perhaps.

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I have to pick this up once I get back stateside. I'm pretty pissed that I missed the Community Playdate, but I'm getting back this weekend and I've got some zombie urges to indulge.

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I was not a fan of the Dark Athena demo, but maybe I'll wait for a deal because I never played Butcher Bay.

Glad to see more reviews coming out. It's inspiring. A job well done RocketJones. Welcome.

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Honestly, zero interest in this whatsoever. But that's a good thing. I like that there's a broad appeal in both this and Rock Band and the developers recognize that and don't try to flood it with a certain genre (even though certain - disliked - genres feel over saturated).

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I'm not sure about Band Hero (and I'm still really skeptical about DJ Hero), but I'm on board for Guitar Hero 5 - pending setlist of course.