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The question for me is what I DON'T have (which is still a lot). Almost two hundred blind bags, Funko's, Ty Beanies, brushables…
But my prized item is the Andy Price signed psychadelic Rarity print - absolutely love it.

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I agree with your assessment: this is a very watchable episode, reminiscent of the earlier seasons. The animation was quite good, Luna had presence without saying much, and Rarity wasn't written as a bitch. All-in-all very enjoyable.

Last season Luna visited Scootaloo, and this season Sweetie Belle.
What conundrum will she be called upon to solve in Apple Bloom's life?

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The colors in #17 are mind melting

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While Maud's delivery is similar to Daria's, Daria had more snark, more biting cynicism in her words. Maud's words and delivery were flat, and that left the episode feeling flat.
Trying to get a character like Maud to be sympathetic would be damn difficult. We know she can't be bad because Pinkie loves her, but until the very end, it's hard for us to share that feeling.
I would have liked to see Maud have a private conversation with Pinkie, replacing the conversation the Mane 6-1 had, about being friends or not having to be friends.
For all her friendship wings, Twilight can still be clueless, oh, except when she lectures.
And WTH was up with Rarity's hat? Is she shopping at the Jupiter store these days? Ugh!

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A very modern look. I've always like Knighty's style.

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Hey, I remember you: you were the first comment and one of the few to read the darn thing!
Thanks. :)

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Tsk, tsk, tsk. Children... ;)

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Sounds like a recipe for mediocrity, as least as far as a cartoon series.

The article talks about broadening the brands, both in media and age range, so current MLP toy probably covers girls up to age 8 or so. These would give then a transition to, what, like age 12 or 13 tops for girls that want to play with them. Collectors are another deal entirely.

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I thought so too.
There is a lesson in "friendship" to be taught.
"Dear Principal Celestia..."

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He must have never seen Americans then...