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Just because water looks clear doesn't mean it's safe to drink. A lot of water-borne bacteria won't be stopped by a tampon. And if you take the above advice you'll be pooping yourself to death in the wilderness. With a tampon in your mouth.

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Abolish public sector unions. It will make it more difficult for Democrats to launder taxpayer money to their campaign funds.

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Obama had AT LEAST one of his gay lovers killed to keep on the down low. That's got to be some sort of presidential record.

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And yet some conservatives, Ann Coulter among them, go ga-ga for Christie. I don't get it. This article shows him to be weak on Islam. He's also anti-gun. Open borders. And so on. I wouldn't vote him in for dog catcher.

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Best part of 'The One'? Al Gore is President in the evil universe.

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Good to know that I don't have to pay my water bill any longer. I can just take my neighbor's as it is a human right. What kind of fool believes entitling people to private property is a conservative principle? And water, like oil or anything else on my land, is mine. What is so difficult about this principle? Why is Big Peace publishing this communist tripe?

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Bored-ain had an episode slamming building a border fence or immigration control. Odd for a show about food. He's a good little leftist. Mindless, soulless, and an enemy to all men who wish to be free.

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Hollywood seems to be pushing the same tired system when the world has moved on. They need to be focused on a successful business model for the future. Because the day when every book, movie and song ever made is available in one simple download isn't as far off as people think. Hollywood needs to figure out how to make money in that environment. I hope they do because I love movies and it would be nice of Hollywood still had the financial motivation to keep making them.

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Look Obama, Jackson and the rest are tied deep to the Chicago corruption. But you won't get them for several reasons. Fear of reprisal tops the list. How many key witnesses have ended up murdered or "suicide"? Even if Blago spilled the beans he'd be dead by year's end. But Blago doesn't need to rat on his buddies because he'll get another jury holdout. The last one worked on his campaign I believe. Or was related to someone who was. Don't recall. Chicago is a leftist bastion where Blago will have a hard time getting convicted. Add in that Fitzgerald is in the bag for the Left. He's playing bodyguard for Obama and his cronies. Why do you think he arrested Blago on such shakey evidence? Because Obama was about to make a deal for the seat and Fitzy is in too tight to let Obama go down. It will take us, the people, digging into this to find and expose the truth. We cannot rely on the corrupt Chicago machine.

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Dead-on John Nolte. Excellent article.