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Start with the fairness lecture. I note that is never applied to any shareholder in any privatised utility. It is only applies to get the wages of the employees in those utilities down to maximise dividends and capital growth for said shareholders. Very fair-not. Onto the attempted aping of politcal correctness. A favourite of a certain very right wing type who think they are being clever. Ignore the central point, in this case the woeful record of the large outsourcing private companies providing government swrvices eg Army had to step in for the Olympics and PPE. Then raise some totally spurious and tangenital point about rehabilitation of prisoners in the hope that the writer will be shamed into silence. Well, I am not shamed into silence and instead of looking at everything through ideological glasses eg Boris supports Brexit and so Boris must be a wonderful future PM, start seeing some reality.

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Yes, of course, warning lights never go wrong and so lets not bother with manual checks. Which pampered member of the desk bound fraternity wrote this. Reasonable manuals checks are crucial not Spanish practise. What next? Highly paid drivers shouldn't waste time waiting at signals. There is a reason why safety is paramount on the railways. There were huge numbers of rail accidents before the introduction of such measures. I am tired of the mentality, spead by know nothing journalists, that all job are A) Very easy and B) Are a conspiracy against the laity and C) Are capable of being done by some minimum wage druggie or ex druggie dragged off the street by one of the huge private concerns providing outsourcing services for this government. Just because journalism is dead easy it does not mean everything else is as well.

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Shorthand for saying we will always win because we secretly appeal to everyone. Yes, that was true with Mrs T. No, it is not true now. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are toast if you do not adapt.

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Brexit is not about small government and neo-liberal policies. It is about the executive getting its power back from the EU, the ECJ, the British Supreme Court and if allowed, devolution. It is about abandoning the constraints imposed by EU membership and the courts and returning to Lord Hailsham's elective dictatorship. It is , in short, a huge power grab which will lead to bigger government and a bigger civil service. In short, you Leavers have been conned big time and Covid 19 is just the beggining. Get ready for the Green and other taxes and you can stop blaming others for the future that is coming. This time it is your fault.

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Shouting and swearing at subordinates is an indication of someone way out of her depth. The Home Office is the graveyard of politicians
Mrs May was the only one who survived for long. Her basilisk stare, quiet demeanour and stubborn attitude were obviously the ideal combination for dealing with Home Office civil servants and the huge number of crises in that department. I am afraid Ms Patel is not that type and needs to be moved, with a warning that she should not shput or swear.

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I really do wonder where the Conservative Vote is going to come from in future? The party seems intent on: turning the public sector red; young people into perpetual tenants and so red as well and on producing superficially wonderful green policies backed up by all the planning ability of Mr Bean. Pensioners do not live for ever and Brexit will be a memory sooner than you think. Austerity will be required and this government won't be returned by its rich mates alone.

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Well, good luck selling that to the Army, Navy and Air Force who have by far the most generous public sector pensions and to the police who pay 10% of their salary as a contribution to their pensions. A non-starter. BTW the huge number of wealthy pensioners on this site seem very keen to pull the ladder up behind them. They have spent ages demanding the election of the man who got us into the situation and now seek to defend their triple lock. Why? Because, of course, only Brexit matters. Now we know different.

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Lloyd George was Welsh. The Welsh Gentry were very weak. Primarily because their land returned about half the rent of English land. Also, they were hardly represented in the House of Lords and they were English in manners and custom. They clung on by ruling through the magistracy. Once the 1885 Reform Act and the 1889 Act, which established local councils, were passed they were toast and middle class solicitors like Lloyd George got the influence that their English counterparts would take decades to obtain. Churchill was an aristocrat.

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Police officers are public officials and cannot be made redundant. Designated Case Investigators are not public officials and can be made redundant. Designated Case Investigators are cheaper than police officers because police officer increments exceed those of Designated Case Investigators. The police were the only public sector non military body Mrs Thatcher adored. She doubled pay and made what is a low status job on the continent, into a relatively high status job here. The prosecuting lawyers, who hold sway over police on the continent, particularly in France were given a subsidiary role effectively checking police work is legal and are often paid less than the police. The Blunkett civilian grades, including Designated Case Investigator, proved invaluable to the coalition because they could be made redundant when the spending axe fell.

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Not the Eton educated elite. The Old Etonians ran England. The Empire, particularly the Indian Civil Service, was meritocratic. The son of a servant could rise to the highest peaks of Raj Government.