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Many years ago, I fired a fully-automatic assault rifle several times a day -- in a place called Vietnam -- the only problem was, every time I fired, some other sonofabitch fired at me!!! Not fun.

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So she went to the zoo.

She's in the right place -- it's just that she's on the wrong side of the bars.

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?Who needs kittens?? I need some p . . . oh, wait, can I say that on Wonkette??

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Definitely NOT a Duggar wedding.

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I just spent some time reading the blog "My Life As A Stay-at-Home Wife and Mother."

Go to the blog http://zedicy542.blogspot.com/
-- scroll way, way down
-- read the two articles: "How to Handle Your Period (For Women Only)" and "Why We Wear Long Skirts."

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Did they serve wine coolers at the reception? That could be a clue.

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Now we know.

For centuries, philosophers have asked: "What is the price of ignorance?"

And now we know -- $9.95 a month, or, $99.95 a year.

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About "sex ed:"

I'm an Advanced Life Support EMT in a rural Virginia County, In the past four years, I have delivered six babies -- four in the back of the ambulance, one in the bed of a pickup truck, and one on the living room floor.

I think EVERY sixth-grade girl should be required to watch a video of a live birth -- in fact, require 'em to watch the video several times during their sixth grade year. After that, whenever some big ol' randy boy says "Come on, baby, let me put it in just a little bit" -- she'll cut it off!!!!

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If the GOTP takes control of the Senate after the November election, I'll seriously investigate moving to Mexico or Canada.

On the other hand: In 2016, the GOTP will have 23 senators up for re-election -- that's TWENTY-THREE seats they must defend. With a strong Democrat at the top of the ticket, and with one of the passengers in the GOTP Clown Car at the head of their ticket, we Democrats stand a chance of taking serious control of the Senate in 2016.

As for the period 2014 - 2016, let's hope President Obama has the cajones to veto everydamnthing they send to him.

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Are you trying to catch up with the Duggars???