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LOL I thought the same thing! I couldn't take it and shut off the TV. Why does anyone feel the need to interview him? I am hoping that FOX did this just to prove how irrelevant these wackos are and not to try and prop them!

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Well wishes to you and prayers for a swift recovery.

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Here is the other email from the big guy himself.
Dear xxxxx,

"And when the opposition said this just wasn't the right time, you didn't want to wait another year, or another decade, or another generation for reform. You felt the fierce urgency of now."

--President Barack Obama, March 23, 2010

Health care reform is the law of the land, and its inspiring passage has made one thing clear: At this moment in America, sweeping change really is possible.

And sweeping change is exactly what it will take to address the climate crisis and fight for clean energy here at home and around the world.

That's why we need to seize this new momentum right now. Repower America has a strong game plan to make this happen in the weeks ahead -- but we can't do it without your participation and your support.

In recognition of this crucial moment, a generous donor has agreed to match every gift we receive between now and midnight on March 31st dollar-for-dollar.

Will you make a matching donation of $5 or more before the deadline to make sure that clean energy is the next big priority in Washington?

Change like this doesn't happen every day -- especially not in the United States Congress.

Lobbyists for many of the oil and coal companies are going to do whatever it takes to keep clean energy from being the next priority. And I don't have to tell you, they aren't afraid to play dirty.

Congress is ready to act now, and we can't let them lose their resolve.

With mid-term elections coming up in November, we have a narrow window before Washington returns to business as usual. We've got to make this happen now.

Supporters like you have already submitted tens of thousands of petitions telling the Senate to make clean energy their top priority. Now I'm asking you to take the next step by supporting our efforts to pass a strong climate and energy bill this year.

Your donation of $5 or more will be worth $10 if you make it before the March 31st deadline:


When it comes to financial resources, we're the clear underdog against the oil and coal lobbyists who have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars to stop clean energy and climate legislation.

But that's an advantage we can overcome if grassroots supporters like you stand up at this moment to show your passion and commitment.

That's how we're going to win, and I'm honored to have you on my team.


Al Gore
The Climate Protection Action Fund

Contributions or gifts to the Climate Protection Action Fund are not tax deductible.

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Paid for by the Climate Protection Action Fund

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So I get emails from Repower America, Al Gorebagoof's favorite group. Don't know exactly how I got on this list but LOL. Here is the next plan guys.
Dear xxxxx,

This week, Al Gore told you about the urgent window of opportunity we have to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. Today, with 24 hours left in our matching fund campaign, I wanted to outline our strategy at this "make or break" moment in a short video message.
We have to go all-out now while the momentum from health care is still on our side -- and before the midterm elections stall meaningful action in Washington, D.C.

That's why we need to step up our campaign even further. We want to:

* Amplify the voices of young people on university campuses around the country through a new "Youth Surge" program;
* Step up our engagement with small business owners, veterans and faith leaders; and
* Set an ambitious new goal of 200,000 letters and over a half a million phone calls in the coming weeks.

But we need you to make all of it happen. You can help by rushing a donation before midnight Wednesday, March 31. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar -- doubling its impact.

Fuel our strategy for change. Double your impact with a donation of $5 or more today.

Let's make this happen,

Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager
The Climate Protection Action Fund's Repower America campaign

Contributions or gifts to the Climate Protection Action Fund are not tax deductible.

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Here is the video, https://secure.repoweramerica.org/page/contribute...

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There are not too many occasions when I am left speachless...

Too bad this wasn't shown at every 912 meeting, meetup group, etc a year ago.This is that rot in your gut feeling we have had for a year. This is why "they" are making every attempt to finally demonize us, because WE KNOW. WHY didn't this go viral like so many other videos?
Thanks for posting this, even though I will yet again have more bad dreams if I sleep at all.

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Here is the text of what Orly said, "What is the real intention of this Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper? Is it to provide security for us or to destroy our security? Judge for yourself.

Seeing targeted destruction of our economy, our security, dissipation of American jobs, massive corruption in the Government, Congress Department of Justice and Judiciary, it might be time to start rallies and protests using our second amendment right to bare arms and organise in militias."

She is using her full authority as a citizen to tout the founding document, the LAW of the LAND. Her freedom of speech is protected by this, so is her right to bear arms. Why did the founding fathers feel that we needed arms? READ the document. Were" we the people" formed by a peaceful separation from the King? Do we agree with what happened back then? Do we condone enslavement of peoples for a tyrannical empowerment? Perhaps we should all think about how we got here and why.What does the document mean when it states, the people have the right to take back the "power" when government usurps "it's" power? You see, I am taking points right from OUR law and yet it sounds as if I am calling for violence, but am I? Did the document? Is it wrong that it might? Is it wrong for us to discuss any of this?

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Your Alinsky style of inquiry will not get you far on this board. I could go on and on, I may yet LOL. My point is, the ends don't justify the means here. Are we angry? You bet! Do we condone violence, doubtful.Do I? No.Does Orly? Why don't you email her and ask her personally? Can WE speak for her?Should we speak for her?

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Are you ok with the current administration destroying the republic in which we live? These people took an oath to serve and protect the Constitution. Do you believe that they are honoring that oath? If so, how? Do you think it's ok to stand before the country, the world and denigrate/challenge the 3rd branch in a State of the Union? How do you feel about the current majority and POTUS insulting the people they supposedly represent by calling Christians radical extremists, murderers, terrorists, racists, intolerant, homophobes. More of the same for soldiers coming home, insult them by using a return soldiers casket for a photo op. How about using a young child who's mother died and would still have died with this health bill's passing because "benefits" don't "start" until after the next POTUS election, for a political tactic? Disgusting!!!

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Going back to check. This one is flying under the radar! Since it's Fox, the LSM will use it as a prop to say the right has softened on healthscare. GO VOTE!!!

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I saw a Dr. on Fox stating that she is contemplating going off all medicare/medicaid patients and accepting cash from patients. Upfront, no reimbursements of any kind, private ins. etc. The majority of her patients liked the idea, know that she would stay in business and not ration care. I don't know if she would actually deny some who didn't have full payment upfront. She just said that her hipocratic(sp) oath led her to this decision because rationing forces her to give low quality care. Hopefully the Drs figure out ways to beat this system and still be able to give care to all.