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Look at the murder rate of children (grammar and high school aged) in Chicago. Chicago is a leader in this category. Now lets' list Reverend Wright's contribution to changing this situation: 1. I can not list one thing Reverend Wright or any political/religious leader (including Obama) has done to change the Chicago family values from disrespecting to valuing life. The only thing in Reverend Wright's Good Deed Book is dust. He gets a big fat zero for his contribution.

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QuietPatriot, you are absolutely right.

Serious question with serious consequences -

Do you think President Obama will be knocked out by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

I expect President Obama will be knocked out by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad will demand a US apology for all of our wrong doing and withdrawal from the world stage. Obama will counter with a line of "Bush Bashing" which will prove to be ineffective in countering Ahmadinejad's arguments. Result - Ahmadinejad knocks out Obama. Ahmadinejad will then solidify his role as the leader of the Muslim world to discipline the US and make the US retreat from the world stage. After we apologize and retreat, the UN headquarters will be relocated to Terhan. Our beacon of freedom will be extingushed.

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Heres an idea - make each Gitmo terrorist live in a FEMA camper trailer, the early model with high concentrations of formaldehyde... oops.... that would be torture. I am certain they would vote to stay in Gitmo!!!!!

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After listening to again to the Obama and Cheney speeches, Obama is "all show, no go". Every person I know is tired of Obama bashing Bush. I am also amazed when Obama, Reid and Pelosi say "all Americans are...." to justify their Bush bashing. I know they are not speaking for me or my friends. My friends and I have come to the conclusion that Obama bashs Bush because he does not know how to lead the development and implemention of a plan. He is very good at public speaking (reading the teleprompter), and he is terrible at transforming thoughts and ideas into speech, and articulating, committing, and defending a position, a plan, etc. Hopefully Obama will stop the Bush bashing and put his energy into addressing our country's issues, and become the leader with the skills, principles, backbone, etc. demonstrated on a every day basis by our military officers, non-coms, and enlisted personnel.

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Waterboarding is not lethal. Now compare waterboarding to the lethal options the people trapped on the upper floors of the Twin Towers had on the morning of 9-11-2001. Their options were 1) jump from window 1000 ft above the street; 2) inhale toxic fumes that burns the nasal passages and lungs resulting in a slow painful death; 3) find fresh air only to burn to death; 4) find fresh air only to crushed to death when the Tower collapsed. Telling your loved one that you love them with your last breath. Think about the people killed on the hijacked planes. They knew they were going to die - think about the terror they endured in their final minutes. Think about the fire fighters, EMTs, and all of the first responders that gave their life trying to save people trapped in the Towers. Think about the people that died at the Pentagon. All of these people died. The terrorist only remorse was that they did not kill more Americans. Thank god President Bush authorized waterboarding the terrorists whiched saved a second attack on America, sparing 1000's of Americans the grief we felt on 9-11-2001. I vote to keep waterboarding as a interrogation tool.

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Obama is a classic example of the Peter Principle - he has risen to a position beyond his incompetence. He was incompetent when he was in the Illinois senate, the US senate, and now, as the US President. Just to confirm he has passed his level of competence, watch and listen to Obama when he is speaking without the teleprompter. His speech is halting, disjointed, hesitate, and incoherent, and, his eye contact is non-exisitant. Off the teleprompter, he is not an inspirational speaker, and does not inspire trust which is the # 1 reason for bashing Bush on his international trips. To talk about one's beliefs and views is difficult if one does not have a set of core beliefs and is deficient in thought-communication process and skills.

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Simple - Obama is owned by George Soros and the Bush Haters.

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A significant number of Bush Haters invested millions of dollars in electing Obama to the Office of President of the United States. Candidate Obama endeared himself to these benefactors by stating he, as President, would prosecute those responsible for torturing terrorists. He added fuel to this issue by stating that these techniques yielded nothing of value in the protection of the United States of America. Today, it is clear that these techniques prevented the death of US citizens and citizens from many countries. Obama is so committed to his candidate position that the facts and results do not matter, and he does not want the America public to know the facts and results. I applaud and thank President Bush, our CIA and military for preventing another terrorist attack on the US while preserving the terrorist's life, health, and well being. As far as Obama, he reminds me of a dog on a choke chain controlled by the Bush Haters. I am still waiting for him to become the President of the United States, not just the President of the Bush Haters. I hope he returns to Chicago on 1-20-2013 as an ex-president. This is the change I am praying for!!!!!!

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President Robot Obama was confused.... he did not have a teleprompter set behind the Saudi King to tell him what to do!!! Lacking instruction, his bow was a spontaneous reflex based on his beliefs that everyone is subordinate to the Saudi King. Now that he knows bowing was a no-no, he his telling everyone not to believe their lying eyes...... The Muslim world now thanks our President for finally acknowledging what they knew along, they are superior, we are subordinate, not equal.

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You are being very, very generous!!!!!