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What if you live in a block of flats or in a terraced house in a long road with barely anywhere to park your car? Has anyone actually visited ordinary English houses?

They can't even afford to repair the holes in the road, never mind have a series of charging posts every 3 metres along residential roads.

Get real for goodness sake.

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Anyone who has had the misfortune to have an elderly parent with dementia attempting to access home care will understand what an absolute shambles it is. My father in law had home care where 2 men used to run into his house 4 times a day and say, do you want anything doing? No? Great and they were off. 4 x 5 min visits, they did nothing for him.

Later he had to go into a home. The hospital social worker tried to organise this and because he had dementia nobody wanted him. The social worker wasn't English and my mother in law couldn't understand her and before we knew it, she had agreed for him to go into a home 25 miles away. My mother in law wasn't able to drive so we had to argue to get him into a home that was closer.

Whilst in the home we thought he was well cared for but when he was dying, we found out that someone had broken his arm. He was bedridden, how did that happen?

I am sorry but social care needs radical changes because right now, animals get better help at an RSPCA shelter than our elderly relatives.

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Yes and further education colleges still have to pay VAT. Where is the logic in that?

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The hair is an act, that's all, and it is wearing v thin indeed, in more ways than one.

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I live on the opposite side of the city from Perry Barr but I have to say that I always found the flyover a complete and utter nightmare on the occasions when I have driven up to Kingstanding and around that area, so I am quite happy for them to demolish it. It is that part where the road used to diverge and I always ended up in the wrong lane.

What I find ridiculous is that when new junctions are created (Longbridge and by the University), they are surrounded by ugly fences, and about 25 sets of traffic lights - complete overkill - which makes people run across roads and jump the lights through desperation. The university junction is a complete joke. I imagine that this is your destiny up in Perry Barr, as the council seems to have abandoned trying to get traffic flowing where there are few alternatives to driving in Birmingham.

As for the road charging scheme - I thought this was as a result of national government? I could be wrong. In view of the centre having been shut for the past 12 months, anything that stops people from getting into town shopping will be a complete and utter disaster.

From the world's best run city (back in the days of Joseph Chamberlain, apparently) to the world's worst. I think Andy has been a breath of fresh air.