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Gotta admit I was a little nervous when I read the headline for "Valentine’s Day Boner Juice". Guess I won't be needing the Cuisinart Juicer after all ....

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Fapping On The Taxpayers’ Dime

WTF?!?!? How good of an aim does this Congressman think I have? I can barely hit the paper towel as it is ....

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I think people should have the freedom to say whatever I want.

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Is "Brownback" what you get when you don't wash the Santorum off?

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Thank you, Mr. Armistead, for reminding us once again of God's unconditional love, providing of course we do things exactly as you say He wants it.

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Maybe if we all just stay indoors, we wouldn't have to worry about climate change. Just tweak the A/C, and problem solved! That is, of course, that it's not the hoax we really think it is.

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If SCOTUS decides to sink Obamacare, can't we just expand the Death Panels to be our Plan B?

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West Virginia has given me pain for more than 20 weeks. Why can't we pass a bill to do something about that???

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So, which half of Tree Sloth Rand Paul is the half-bright side? Hard to see from where I'm sitting. And what's the other half?

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Hypothetically, if I was exercising my rights and shootin' down drones, and unbeknownst to me the drone had a pilot and passengers and stuff inside, is that still okay? Asking for a friend ....