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So much of what you said is plain BS, so I will focus on just one point you made, the one about the "death panels." Every country in the world that has a socialized system of medicine has the equivalent of "death panels." Of course they don't call them that but they still exist in the form of a panel of government officials that will decide whether you will receive treatment for your condition. I know, I was born in Scotland and watched an aunt die while government officials haggled over whether or not she would get a hip transplant. You see hip transplants are expensive and my aunt was 72 years old, so while government officials considered our appeal over six weeks her hip became infected and the infection killed her. Healthcare is expensive and socialized medicine leads to rationing. They won't call them death panels but they will exist nonetheless. If Obamacare is instigated you will see a huge increase in palliative care, especially for the aging, as the government tries to run healthcare within it's annual budget. And one day bob you are going to get older too.

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"The fact that you "find nothing discriminatory about that" is both ludicrous and surreal."

Then using your logic the Girl Scouts are guilty of discrimination because they won't admit boys. Clearly it is obvious why the Girl Scouts have a policy against admitting boys and it has nothing to do with discrimination. Just because a private organization has rules governing who can join does not in itself cause those rules to be based upon discrimination. Many would call it common sense. Which is why you don't seem to be able to grasp it.

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"Wow, you are slow on the uptake. They are acting within their rights and are freely entitled to discriminate."

And you KennewickMan must be the self appointed arbiter of what meets the definition of discrimination. To me the Boy Scouts are simply executing their right to adhere to their founding principles and values. I find nothing discriminatory about that. In fact I could just as easily accuse you of discriminating against the Boy Scouts, but I won't play that game, alas that is the game of liberalism.

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"I am afraid that it is you who seem to be lacking an ability to grasp the obvious."

Excuse me? It was you who admitted the Boy Scouts are acting within their rights and then you want the government to cut off grants etc. that are paid for with taxpayer dollars. Who are you to decide simply because you disagree with the Boy Scouts policy where taxpayer dollars should be spent? Some people are against war does that mean KennewickMan in his wisdom deams all taxpayer funds should be cut off from the military? The Boy Scouts are acting within their rights as guaranteed them by the United States constitution, whether you personally agree with their position or not should not affect taxpayer funding period.

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You make no sense whatsoever. In one breath you say the Boy Scouts being a private organization are within their rights to exclude gays and then you want to punish them for expressing those rights. Being a private organization they are within their rights to ban whomever they choose, and I firmly support their right to do so whether you like it or not.

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You liberals are in such denial. You refuse to look at and accept the facts. The majority of Americans have opposed Obama's policies including his "stimulus" and healthcare bill. Ergo Scott Browns victory in Massachusetts where he took Ted Kennedy's seat no less, Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin, and the complete wipe-out you suffered, the biggest landslide in over 70 years in the 2010 mid-term elections. Yet somehow you magically believe that the majority of Americans are going to go to the polls next Novemeber eager to re-elect the disaster known as Obama. Not a chance!

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Boeing left Seattle for a city that was business friendly. Unlike Seattle and Washington State who's liberal leaders tax business to death. You liberal fools will never understand the tax / business relationship and view business as nothing less than your own personal piggy banks. Spend, spend, spend, and then tax, tax, tax. How else do you explain $6 trillion in spending over the last four years by the inexperienced fool in the white house? As for my comment history, who are you to criticize other people for posting their opinions?

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One only need read your post...it has liberal written all over it.

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Obama has demeaned the office of president of the United States for the last time. The liar in chief will lose in a landslide next November. Count on it.

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What else is there to say, Obama is a liar. Even after the leftist press (NY Times, Washington Post) found the Obama campaigns accusations to be false Obama knowingly presses on with the lie. Obama has demeaned the office of the president of the United States for the last time, if he won't do the proper thing and resign we will throw him out of office next November in a landslide. Count on it.