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I think it's a little bit of column A and B. Because the women's division has always wrestled (pun intuited) with the sexuality of the women, and their legit athleticism as performers in the ring.

Women's wrestling has a weird history in the industry until maybe recently, especially in the WWE. There were some great eras in the WWE for women, but often, it's also sorta sideline by the sexuality side of the Divas division, especially during the Attitude ear. So Trish is a legit legend, but then every so often you'll see her in a thong (not complaining hehe), along with Stacy Keibler and the others. Lita always seems awkward when she's doing the Divas bikini shoots back in the day.

If its not that, then in the later days of the Ruthless Aggression Era, the division had a huge turnover rate, despite having some talented girls in the roster. With some exceptions, (like Trish), a lot during that time were mostly models who were trained in the ring in Ohio and didn't cut it in the ring.

To me, the division didn't get stabilized until the PG era believe or not, with AJ Lee and even the Bellas, and has gotten more attention from fans now during the New Era. But there's still room for improvement.

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You just contradicted yourself there, depending on your beliefs, by mentioning evolution and God in the same argument.

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I sorta agree. I respect Rico's privacy, and I think many people are willing to donate and help. But we need more information because it's all so vague. We don't need the details but just at least reveal Rico's condition especially if it's that bad.

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You know what...after I read Matt's AMA on reddit (in character), I've changed my mind. Broken Matt is an amazing gimmick - it went from stupid but he's so devoted that it did a 180 and become genius.

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People are saying all this about burying her - I don't think that's going to happen unless they want even more gossip or drama. I think the WWE likes HER, but doesn't like being with ADR. And despite what has transpire with his exit with the company, they'll try as much as they can to please her. Within means, of course.

Or as someone has suggested, maybe have her work at NXT to rebuild her again. There's no shame in that since the brand is legit.

Also, she's a fan favorite. They're not going to give her the jobber treatment.

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I agree with everyone else here - time to replace 'themlas' someone else. There's no debate.

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Kevin Owens is pretty much the same, along with Finn Balor. Besides the name changes, and some minor alterations.

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Get outta here.

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I'm just happy that Ryder is getting some air time.

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I'm so stupid or just out of the loop (or both!) - I thought he stopped drinking.