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I promise to work ten times harder. Ten times zero is what?

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Took an epic car ride through Texas with Ms. Ivins and Daniel Schorr back in the 80s. I kept my mouth shut and just soaked it all in. I remember that she was hilarious and had a gift for oral story telling. Obviously, you don't get that from her columns or books, but boy could she spin a yarn. Even Dan was in awe of her.

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Marilyn Monroe libel !!!!

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I watched the first 20 seconds thinking that if there's a god, the way Trump gets off a plane is to fall down the stairs. What a let down.

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I'm good with that.

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The Villages boasts the highest rate of STD's in the country and they're proud of it. I'll probably move there when Mr. O kicks off.

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The one time this douche is sitting down in this ad is when he says he'll always stand up.

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I decided at an early age that I wanted it all. So I got a husband AND the cats.

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Lighten up, people. No harm, no fowl.

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"They can either sit on their butt and have it paid for by the system, or they can work and pay for the same stuff themselves, but not be able to afford more or better. Of course they are going to choose the latter."
In addition to all his other failings, Just-inHuman doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word "latter."