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It's nice to see something in Longmont get fixed.. if it would stay that way that would be awesome.

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Sad, he would of made a great CU football player.

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This story is a good example of depending on 911 as your only source of security.

When seconds count the police will be there in minutes and if their is danger they will set up a "perimeter" and discuss "options". People living in more rural place will not see the police for ...? 10min - 20min - maybe longer..

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This article reads like a confusing whirlwind.

Trailer parks, fights, newlyweds, other men,,, what happened? are we still in Longmont?

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4am with at least three males and two females in the house awake. Sounds like a Meth house.

If only drug users were not allowed to have guns.. oh.. I guess they Aren't. Maybe gun control only keeps guns away from honest people?

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Nth Boulder has always been the seedy part of town. Trailer courts, homeless shelters, industry use areas. Why do people move to a place then complain all the neighbors are not building million dollar homes..?

Location, Location sorry you picked a poor spot to invest in a expensive home thats probably why it was a good deal. The auto paint shop homeless shelter and fire training structure.. should of gave you a clue.

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That's gay.

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Their sure is a lot of angry kids in Longmont. Maybe a few dead trees will cheer her up.

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Maybe she can get a job with the needle exchange program?

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Does it ever seem like it would just be better to stay in Longmont?