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It is the responsibility of employers to run their businesses properly and profitably. That is all. What goes on beyond the factory gate/ office door has nothing to do with them although of course any individual is free to look out for those around them if they think it is necessary.

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I suggest the government shouldn't be trying to 'do' anything with regard to deciding where people should live. Central planning is for socialism.

As to moving civil servants outside London, they need to be careful. Places like the North East are already blighted by too many public sector jobs.

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Who knows, in 4 years Ireland may have voted to leave the EU; problem solved.

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I would have thought killing another human being is what is "truly evil". It is ludicrous to describe abortion as a 'health choice".

If I had the the choice of being hungry and unloved (when young) or dead, I know which I would go for.

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Argentina had a USD peg in 2001 when it defaulted. Most of its debt was in USD (or Euros) because that was the currency it was using. Owing to USD debts they could not devalue the peg without defaulting.

I suggest a £ peg following independence would go this way. Scot £1 = £1 Sterling. Sterling interest rates 2%, Scottish interest rates 4% because worse credit. As a pegged currency, Scotland borrows in Sterling to save 2%. Profligate government steadily builds up Sterling debts. Scottish government eventually faced with a) break the peg/ default or b) fiscal crunch as government imposes swinging cuts. There will be no escape as Scotland won't be able to print its own currency because it doesn't have one.

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The problem, something the author does not discuss, is that the tech companies are in effect monopolies in their particular field. As such they should either be open to all or they need to be broken up. If there is only one supermarket in a town, you cannot have it refusing to serve customers it doesn't like.

One of the most terrify things about modern life is that you can be closed down and that all corporates threaten to act in unison when you are deemed unacceptable. One moment you become persona non grata and the next moment you can't open a bank account (think the National Front in France which in the end had to open up an account with a Russian bank). This is one of the reasons I don't like the abolition of cash).

In China everybody is given social credits. If you do various things deemed to be anti-social (I am sure that includes having and expressing the wrong opinions) you lose points. If you get down to zero social credits you are cancelled and can't have access to a whole host of services; eg it is impossible to buy train tickets. Welcome to China, Big Tech.

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I expect there are many people who say they support lockdown but then, when it suits them, go out and ignore the rules. I am thinking of all the North London lovies walking on Hampstead Heath in big groups - looking (this may just be my prejudice) as though they read the Guardian daily.

If you add up 1) all those who politically want more control over our lives, 2) those who are apolitical and listen frightened to the nightly government messages designed to terrorise people, 3) all those people with secure jobs (teachers etc.) who now don't need to go to work and 4) finally all those who have reached a certain stage in life when working from home in front of a computer screen in a state of semi-retirement is attractive, it is not a surprise lockdown is so popular.

I say this as someone who is fairly middle of the road on the government's approach.

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My understanding has always been that council tax is a charge for local services (street lighting, rubbish collection etc). The cost of these services is approximately the same in the North or the South, in a rich or poor area. This should be born in mind.

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Very good points. I had thought pretty much the same myself. It will be the Norman Conquest all over again. A small number of international types holding multiple passports / Normans, lording it over the indiginous population / what used ro be the indiginous population.