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Sooo... they don't want to provide birth control to help the poors not have children they can't afford, and they don't want to give benefits to the poors who can't afford the children they have.

The only reasonable conclusion is that the cycle of poverty has an intrinsic, mana-boosing power that only republicans can use, mostly for rentboy liaisons and various nefarious plots against the middle class.

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Well, my father-in-law just got one of those "Now-that-you've-spent-hundreds-of-dollars-in-money-you-don't-have-to-give-your-family-a-decent-Christmas-here's-you-pink-slip" thingies, so... some of that, perchance?

I, however, just delight in spending taxpayer money commenting on non-DoD approved websites.

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Don't they know that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is only a thinly-veiled Marxist indoctrination piece rejecting capitalism and celebrating a limp pagan icon? Good grief.

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Totally off topic, but WTF is up with the National Guard ad? Those jokers must really be desperate, what with everyone returning from their fifth deployment to their unemployment (*BUT EMPLOYERS LOVE THE TROOPS!*), pathetic (if existent) medical and psychological follow up, oh yeah, and all that PTSD business WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST, like the WMDs and Boener's tanning bed.

Sorry, but... weird ad, is all.

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We need a good old-fashioned cult of personality. Beckanalia, anyone?

The Beck promises you everlasting Cheez Whiz and underbellies free of yeast.

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"That’s your senator, Iowa!"

Shut up, Jack. As if I need to be fucking reminded.

And, to be fair, "skool" is the appropriate transliteration of the Iowan patois.

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"They're an impediment to the military."

And you're an impediment to my believing in God, but you don't see me renting out an empty room and whining like a spent blow-up doll to this so-called "C-SPAN."

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Unless we're talking Marines, because.... I mean, come on, have you ever seen a female Marine? If you have, you would know that I am using the term "female" loosely.

(Love you, sis!)

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Blame it on firewater when you murdered our daughters... we forgive you, we forgive you, we forgive you!

(And if anybody gets that reference, you're a sick fuck and I love you.)

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I know this town. In fact, I've lived there. It's (insert name) Iowa/Nebraska/Indiana, and there is literally one fucking Mexican in the whole county who just happens to have a job doing something halfway respectable.