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Please call my associate at 646 645-2827.

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There is more than one victim of Tauber, I got it first hand from the Dr. treating them

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That was the information I received originally, however I asked around again from Londoners and you happen to be right, IT IS IN LONDON. Sorry for the mix-up.

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The video is part of the investigation, the money was paid recently. The whole transaction was not so kosher, as it it interfering with justice. Our DA's are corrupt and look the other way as with lots of other crimes that were committed in the course of this trial.

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Unfortunately it is. I didn't see that particular part right away, but as soon as I saw it I removed it from my blog. The sad fact is that this is what happened in a chasidishe camp r"l

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This is the last time I am answering you. And YES I am proud to be a homophobe and Wikipedia is a forum that anyone can write whatever he wants, even pigs like you. Homosexuality is an abomination, and as I understand, you consider religion “rabid” and AFRICANS SUB-HUMAN. You are a RACIST PIG and I don’t need your alliance and assistance in fighting pedophiles. Go do your thing until G-D gives you AIDS or even the next punishment that will be even more severe.
Don’t write me any more comments of this nature, or I’ll ban you.

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Don't insult the PIGS. Pigs are better than you,for PIGS were created PIGS but they are not HOMOS. In this week's portion of the Torah it says that homosexuality is an ABOMINATION, and so are YOU.
Jews are those that believe in G-D and his Torah. Those that don’t, are not even considered Jews.

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According to my infomation, his name is Meir Shimon Rosenberger, 4702 15th Avenue, Apt. E-9, Brooklyn, NY 112119, 718.438.3111. He seems to be a "leidig-gayer", his address is next to Bobov, where he pops in occasionally and causes trouble

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They never will as long as Paul Berger is on the Chasidic molesters case.