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Unity 5 is better than Unreal Engine 4, works on many platforms and porting from U4 to U5 is easy while UE3 to UE4 is more difficult because they are vastly different engines.

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developers said that that map/region/level in comparison to full FFXV map is that FFXV map is between 10 to 20 times larger.

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Francis... Map in FFXV demo is 1.25 by 1.25 kilometers and in video was said that full map of FFXV is 10 to 20 times larger, so it is smaller than XCX which is 400 square kilometers while FFXV is below 300 square kilometers.

Cliff was on a stream and shared his thoughts on Order 1886...

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Good good... Keep lying and be a retard.

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So by end of this year Pokken Tournament could be released on Wii U.

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Dual Layer would cut read speed in half and since Wii U games don't depend on installing game data to disc thus having half the read speed would mean pop-up. Wii U single layer read speed is equal to DVD and HDD read speed of Xbox 360 combined.

I think dual layer would be viable if Nintendo manages in future reduce OS footprint on RAM to 512MB thus 1536MB of RAM is available for game in case they want to pursue dual layer with some games.

Since its said that XCX uses Wii U disc storage to the limit then game is over 20GB, it could fill up all 25.6GB of storage.

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I have read comments from around the web about my discovery and some of the comments have shown me that I didn't put enough detail thus I decided to write an article for your site to more detailed explanation and further explain some points I have made in my comment...

I will reply to myself and in that reply there will be the article, please publish the article. Thanks.

Expect article tomorrow...

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N3DS has a decoder, but I doubt it has a coder and that is extremely intensive to stream.

N3DS does not have processing capability and PSVTV exists since PSV does not have processing capabilities to stream its games.

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Who would knew that once a 160 billion dollar company is now worth only 16-17 billion and 160 billion dollars back then would today with inflation be 200 billion dollars. Sony is not even worth 1/10 and it does all sorts of things...

Nintendo has no debts nor loans, Nintendo could easily take loan worth to buy its self or buy Sony. lol

Can't wait for Nintendo's latest quarterly report... I smell profit... 3DS and Wii U prints money :D


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Would not be surprised if Nintendo buys them out... lol

3rd parties would fled to Xbox.