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chrysalis, sunset shimmer (pony), Nightmare Rarity, Rarity, Tirek, Sweetie Belle, Luna/Celestia, and the CMC.

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What I meant was that as I was going through the comments, everyone was cracking spongebob jokes and I even saw one person that more or less said he deserved it for writing a few clop/foalcon stories instead of wishing him good health. I deleted my comment because the comments after were better. The ones before though just left a foul taste in my mouth. It was late so I made a stupid emotional comment which is common on the internet.

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I miss this fic =(

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hmm id have to say a lich, kelpies, longmas or kirins

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Well this movie sounds boring =/

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"Don't try to find any deeper meaning in this episode. It's not here. These are simplistic situations and archetypes played up for comedic effect."

Finally someone who gets it.

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Holy crap! This is finally posted! Faith in the Eqd pre readers restored. Grats Sharaloth

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This story got me into the fandom

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And this makes her being OOC ok? I don't get it. The reasoning behind "it is her freak out episode" is contrived. Look at my reply to Sigh why this doesn't make any sense in the slightest. At least those episodes were using traits that were established earlier in the series or had enough time to grow. With this episode there was no build up or development. Not to mention it was annoying as hell IMO.

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Care to elaborate? I'm a bit confused with this list seeing as none of these has to do with AB in the slightest.