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I think Obama is not speaking to any scripturally correct (particularly the old testament) interpretation of religious teachings, but the seemingly popular McChristianity that seems more prevalent today. This is the sanitized, de-genocided, de-stoning, de-OMG-that-is-bad-god-doesn't-do-that version of Christianity that I see paraded around. It is sort of an amalgam of Christian views filtered through a sanitized modern moral view. You really can't blame him, he is speaking to the masses that love a "feel-good" message.

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Yeah it's succinct, that is my style.

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I don't see, wait... OH MY-

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I am not going to point out flaws, but I am going to point out a common theist response to your argument. The argument that I most often see from thinking theists when pushed by logic is, that God is outside logic and science. This places the supernatural to it's true definition; which is undefinable, unmeasurable, untestable and undetectable. The atheist at this point realizes the argument from logic is useless and retreats to his reason fortress. Of course this doesn't change your final conclusion that God is irrelevant, but the theist is still safe and secure in his supernatural "blanky".

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Yeah, bleak was how I felt when I wrote it, but the game can be SO fun.

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I agree with Darren on this one. I think a strong statement apposing the inaugural prayer is called for, but a lawsuit is going overboard.

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Cut and paste, definitely. You could take the tikme to confirm, but I think it's wasted effort.

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I agree Urs and and I would also add that, not only is being ethical for the sake of a god questionable, but it opens the window of the horrendous: that you act in response to perceived commands of your god without respect to standard measures of ethics.

The Salem witch trials come to mind.

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Me thinks there was more to the story. Was the women there visiting or was she commanded to appear? I agree that if she was just visiting the courthouse, they should of just turned her away. If she was there in response to a subpoena or to answer for a misdemeanor, then she needed to remove the face covering.

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Fortunately my family as outgrown the sky daddy and I don't have these issues.

Happy winter solstice.