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Argh! I was talking to someone about "The Moonstone Cup" earlier today, and now tonight I find a sequel to "It's a Dangerous Business" posted up? I'm being hit right in the nostalgia bone today.

I must re-read IaDBGOYD! And then I must read part 2! So excited!

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Moonstone Cup, anyone? :)

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While going with a smile is of course laudable, if you watch the video, you'll discover he's actually shaking his hoof in defiance.

I mean, "marching"? On two legs? What are you, a biped or something?

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RiM might not be released very often, but it's always worth the wait. AntonyC is one of the great wits of this fandom.

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This episode was *SO AWESOME*... err, I mean, it was okay. Yes. Quite.

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Hah, I'm surprised this was posted here, but I'm glad it was. No one knows how to spin off an entertaining and insightful review quite like AntonyC.

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Honestly, the only reason I bought the season 1 DVD was to get the commentary tracks. If this set doesn't include commentaries, I sadly can't see myself bothering to buy it.

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What a beautiful little story that was. I'm so glad the creators put in so much work to bring it to us!

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Sherclop Pones have, incredibly, managed to top "Neigh, Soul Sister". I honestly didn't think they could do it: my hat is off to them!

Also, the gradual revelation that Twilight is a dangerous psychopath is now complete. Yay?

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Hence, 'See You Soon'. We seem to have a failure of Understanding here.