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The important question is: Did she receive either the perfect attendance pin or the punctuality pin?

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I was just saying to Mrs. NotYerGaryBusey the other day that they need to get Governor O' Malley some more face time on the Teeveez and get him ready to run. Smart and can articulate a point without resorting to words thrid graders can't understand.

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Hey now! Calling these dinguses (dingi (?)) fops is an insult to fops everywhere. I don't see a single tight, codpiece or large powdered wig anywhere on these guys.

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AKA: The namesake of MY cat.
Disappointing cat name that turned out to be. All he does is lay on top of me like Andre the Giant. He does NOT appreciate Sleeper Holds or Iron Claws.

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C'mon man: more hedonism, less 'bot.

That aside. Nicely deconstructed.

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Mark Foley, Larry Craig, the super conservative minister that the EMTs found dead in his wetsuit/ masturbatorium. The list goes on, and was then coupled with the solid asswhooping the Republicans got in that years elections.

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+1 for HST homage

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Best Cocktober/ Blowvember combo since '06! Lets hope it holds out through Dickcember.

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Oh Cocktober, you came too late and left too soon. Though, you certainly made up for your brevity with the absolute faceload of fun you left behind!

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For what its worth: There's non-political historical precedent for use of the word "storm trooper" at least as far back as trench warfare in WWI, and the tactical function underpinning the term has existed as long as there's been fortifications that have needed to be "taken by storm."