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I don't mind the party being a broad church, but can we at least get these atheists out of it.

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Don't bother. It's like watching a game in the 1st round of the FA Cup. The fans get all excited but everybody knows they're just hoping to scrape through and hopefully meet a big team in the 3rd round where they inevitably lose, but still scoop half of the gate receipts.

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Is he in the right party?

Another of Cameron's 2010 Clueless Cretins. His comments about his constituents are a particular peach.

Who remembers the "bits of twine" line?

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Just to be sure, you claim that a General Election wouldn't be good for the Tories, but a second referendum would be?

I can only assume that you got the dealer's number from Gove, because those are not the thoughts of someone in their right mind.

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Is that it?

I was expecting so much more.

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If the Conservative government does not leave the EU on October 31st, then it fully deserves to lose the next GE.

The idea that the 2016 vote is going to be quietly forgotten by those who voted to Leave is laughable. The EU election shows that there is a sizable constituency for Leave who are more than willing to back a single party whose policy is clear and unambiguous. They will keep on voting Brexit until either we leave, or they die. The sooner the party realises this, the better.

Has anyone registered yet?

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OK, Jesse …… you can have a junior minister position in Education in the 2021 reshuffle.


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I'd buy my car insurance from him, but he doesn't really inspire me to do anything else.

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I'm loathe to admit it, but the party's over.

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Does she not realise that she's rendering the Conservative party toxic?