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A decade's worth of sequels in the Chrysler 300 Letter Series.

Following the 1955 C-300, 1956 had the 300B

Incrementing by one letter per year until 1965's 300L

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Rocket hand, burning out his fist up here alone

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(linked to original source page which includes a lineart version that you can print and color yourself!)

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I screencapped this, ostensibly for a SFSIWI, but I'm cleaning off my desktop tonight, so I'mma just leave this here:

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Heh, I could have used that cassette adapter twenty years ago. In the early '90s, my dad bought a '79 Cadillac for a winter beater (and a car that could take some dings while his nearly-sixteen-year-old son learned to drive). I tried to put a normal cassette in every which way before we realized it was an 8-track. (Such things were largely outside of my realm of experience, since my parents had skipped over 8-tracks and gone straight to cassettes from vinyl) Of course by that time, if you hit the right yard sale, 8-tracks were almost literally a dime a dozen, so in pretty short order the old man had amassed quite a collection of music that could only be played in that car.

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Even as a sapling, Yggdrasil was a sight to behold.

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Of course it's safe, the bus is smiling and everything.

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Back in the early '90s when I was working as a parts guy, if somebody came in and asked for five spark plugs, the next question was "what model and year is your Audi?" Then Honda and Volvo came out with their I-5s and screwed the whole thing up.

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Horray! I'd like to thank my parents, the members of the academy, and the crazy bastard(s) who screwed that thing together in the first place. I didn't make an effort to claim it, for one very good reason: the engine alone is larger than the trunk capacity of my Corolla.