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Thanks a lot for the opportunity, Liane. I felt that giving quality comprehensive answers serves to make a better piece of content... which is what I wanted you to have.

Although I do enjoy talking about myself, the primary purpose should be to help others... and I think I did that while still shamelessly self-promoting myself in the process! :-)

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Skype is highly under-utilized in my opinion. Audio/video is a more effective and *faster* method of communication than simple text. Have you ever been chatting with someone over Twitter, MSN, etc. and wondered "I have a lot of information to convey - this would be so much easier if I didn't have to type it all out?" Then use Skype. Why not talk to anyone you want (as long as they've got a mike input) just as you would over the phone. It's easier, quicker and actually helps you connect much more effectively with people.

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Chuck, I mean no disrespect when I say this... but who cares?

You seem to be drawing this black/white line on what an expert blogger is, yet there are probably plenty of examples of successful people making a lot of money breaking all of your "rules".

It also seems as if this post was solely written to "call out" another blogger without actually providing any value to the reader. (other than a one-line "don't post it unless you can back it up" tip) I have never seen James be a hypocrite in anything he's done from my point of view and never claims to be an "expert" at all.

Yes, I agree it would probably be prudent to show hard stats for any numbers presented... but if James' claim is so ludicrous and obviously false as you say, is there really any need to point it out since everyone would automatically think the same thing?

Frankly, I don't even care how much traffic James gets or he claims to get... if I ever wanted to know, I can get a gist from Alexa or similar. Whatever it actually is... IT DOESN'T EFFECT ME. So why would I even care?

Chuck, I like you and all... but you really have to be careful attacking people without extreme due diligence and presenting your argument in a way that render yourself little to retribution. Now you've let the door wide open, you've given the opportunity for others to pick at anything you've said and show the fallacy in your own claims or expertise.

But I do also enjoy watching train wrecks, so I'll subscribe to comments and watch!
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While I agree that it's ridiculous... just because an "expert" doesn't do any of the 6 things you've listed, it doesn't necessarily mean their words can't be useful to *someone*.

I have no problem with someone curating ideas assembled from many others and portraying it with their own unique voice. This is what makes for an great teacher... someone who may not be perfect & highly skilled at applying the concepts, but extremely good at presenting it to others.

I'm playing a bit of devil's advocate here, though. I agree with your sentiment and would wish offenders that partake in this fake representation of themselves would just come out and bluntly admit it, instead of trying to pass themselves off as something they're *clearly* not. (as you can see with my blog, that's exactly my intended approach)
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Ileane, I know who you're talking about and I think many don't understand *why* he disabled comments on his blog a while back. It was essentially to provoke thought that every one can have a blog to share their thoughts, so why are comments necessary? Just write something on your own blog and link to it.

While I don't necessarily agree fully with this ideology, it is a valid point. It's not like a company who's afraid to open up the floodgates they can't control (which is their typical thinking), it's the thought that the internet/blogosphere is connected so well already, you don't have to be confined in one place to share your opinion on an issue.
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