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I've looked at that picture until my eyeballs were bleeding. I don't see anyone.

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Who the fuck is Jeff

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"And good fucking luck to her" Laf laf

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I live in Indiana. I get wibc which airs The Dana Loesch show. I listen because I'm in my car for work a lot and I have low self-esteem. Since the attacks in Paris she dove even further into the sewer of Islamophobia. It's been disgusting. Every single show is all about this now. I heard her the other night BEGGING her listeners to go protest this. (She would have been there but she had a photo shoot). I can't count the times I've heard "there is no such thing as a moderate mooslim". SOrry for the long post, I'm just past the point of being ok with "bigots will be bigots".

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You forgot about Dominican boy chaser Rush Limbaugh!!!!

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Their church is in Indiana. I live in Muncie which is about 20 miles from Elwood (the KKKapital of indiana!). I've only seen 2 burning crosses!

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Those are the 2 questions I had as well. What kind of a 3 yr old has to work? Thanks Obungler for this sweet economy.

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When did LDS decide it was OK for them to believe people are born gay? I guess I assumed they were still believing that you can turn gay from watching Frozen. (I know that's kind of Swanson thing but you can google "mormon grandma frozen gay")

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This made me sick to my stomach. There is no way to stop this anymore. There will never be justice for Mike Brown. We can't stop Sean Hannity,Dana loesch,Jim Hoft, eric erickson, or Dead Breitbart's racist dick machine. They are amazing liars, well funded, and the right color. The more they lie the more people eat it up. I'm lost.

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What is the translation of the German saying?