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Does anyone have Mark Watches Pushing Daisies series?

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While I generally think Season 2 of this show was a vast improvement in character development, music and pure unadulterated bombast, I think this episode may have the worst songs of the whole show. Excluding Dragon Pal and Me, of course, which is an absolute delight to the senses and makes me all giddy every time I watch it. Those Dragon Shines are perfection.

There's Princess Jubilee's song, of course, which. Hm. As a rock song it's not particularly impressive, and the lyrics themselves were weirdly forced and without much of a tangible melody. As for Sheridan Smith, I think maybe her casting may have just been a bad call for the roll. I listened to a little bit of her other work, and her best vocal performances have been slow, emotionally charged type deals. Plus there's the deal with her not really looking the part, which might as well be a make up issue, and the fact that I think she's doing some kind of voice or impression all throughout the scene? It doesn't really work. Someone with a genuine rock and roll background could have worked with the material better.

Then there's Dwarves vs Giants, which I don't think I'd even call a bad song at all. it's funny in its execution and its fun to go through the ridiculous of the situation in its context. Roberta does a fantastic job here especially. But as an emulation for the kind of Bernstein works that made West Side Story so influential in the first place. Especially the last line to me, where Galavant whistles half the line. It's still fun and I have listened to it again occasionally, just in comparison to the rest of the soundtrack it's not great.

And thats about all. Gonna go back to listening to Dragon Pal and Me for the twentieth time

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By and large, Altogether Andrews is (so far) a much better composed character than I would have expected, with the exception of duck man's assertion of their condition which might not even be aimed at the mentally ill, and also the obvious implication that the DID is so severe they can only fit in with the homeless. Pratchett's always kinda wobbly about mental illness, so sometimes you can get great characters like Agnes or Banjo Lilywhite and other times you'll end up with the Bursarz. As it is I'm expecting Burke to show up and hamper the character further but while the prose is somewhat iffy I will say the actual execution of the character is far better than most other examples I've seen in media, so that's a plus I suppose.

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Qnivq Graanag, ba gur bgure unaq, jbhyq or na RKPRYYRAG pnepre.

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Disregarding the unfortunate use of the slur, two things: One, the use of "madness" here isn't really meant to indicate an underlying mental problem, but the state of her being once her anger and frustration simmered into internalized hatred that led her to her actions once there began to see as no other alternative. It was a state of being where she was being self-destructive and irrational, not commentary on her motivation

Two, and I think this is where the confusion comes from, is the use of "maniac". Your interpretation, if I may postulate, is that it implies an underlying madness to Dee's character that motivated her actions, as is the typical use of the term. However, in this instance Rhys is talking about a greater context of Dwarf Culture and Society. Even with their arguments and opposing ideologies, not even Albrecht Albrechtson was willing to undermine his own culture for the sake of personal gain, because doing so wouldn't be Dwarfish. Dee, by allying with Wolfgang and attempting to start a war, was due to her frustrations selling out her very identity as a Dwarf, and by extension selling out Dwarfkind as a whole. This is why Rhys makes the analogy of the boat, because while Dee's motivations are sympathetic her actions were irrational and deplorable and would have had consequences far greater than she realized, thus comparative to how a "maniac" would act.

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One show I think you'd get a kick out of is Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. It's a witty BBC America mystery/science fiction/comedy that came out in 2016 based off a series of novels written by Hitchhiker's Guide's own Douglas Adams-albeit not directly, as the show is mostly an original plot with only the titular character of Dirk Gently and the themes of the book being present in the show. it's a legitimately good mystery story that unfolds in the course of 8 42-minute episodes with more than a few great poc characters, respectful portrayals of mental illness and is genuinely funny to boot.

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Anyone have any Galaxy Quest left?