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A manifesto pledge to reduce the size of (or abolish) the HoL, reduce the number of MPs, implement the Boundary Commission's recommendations would help to reduce the cost of the state, and would be very popular. I would also like MPs and senior civil servant/quangocrat pensions changed to defined-contribution (see how they like the Lifetime Allowance).

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Exactly. If the government does not command the support of the majority of MPs, Parliament should appoint a new government, if it can.

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We haven't even had the reforms promised after the expense scandal! Reduction in the number of MPs, equalisation of the electorate size in the constitiencies - what happened to them ? There are MORE Lords than there were before the expense scandal !! WE HATE AND DESPISE THE POLITICAL CLASS I

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I will never vote for a party with Hammond as a member. Is there any difference between him and Kim Philby?

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Just imagine the house-price boom-and-bust we would have had if we had joined the Euro !!! (See Ireland for a taster of the consequences).

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I also am concerned that the 'deal' is just a tarted-up capitulation document I hope for the best from Boris, but, with the Tories, there's a history of betrayal and retreat from principle. Trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback. TBP is a safe vote for me here in Stockport, as the Tories do not stand a chance in tribal Labourland.

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I would love to see the HoC form a replacement government. What fun!

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I will never again vote for a party containing Hammond, Rudd, et. al. Retaining them is tantamount to telling voters "Yes, you were right, Tories ARE lying bxxxxtxxds".

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Get real, Tories - unless you make a pact with Nigel, you are toast! The level of anger and hatred towards the Westminster bubble is intense, and come the election, it will sweep away all the liars. Boris MUST deliver a clean Brexit, with Nigel's assistance - or else oblivion for the Tories.