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Nah, just abolish it. We're sick of politicians, they fail at their jobs in the Commons, then get a cushy retirement.

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I'm concerned about the zero carbon targets. When did we have a debate about these? Theresa May, and now Boris, just announced a date - must have been slow news days, or they needed a distraction from some screwup.

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Tory MPs have a well-founded reputation for treachery and self-serving, so I'm not surprised the Remoaners among them are now rocking the boat again. If you want to serve British interests rather than the EU's, STFU. Nigel, come back, we need you!

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Boris should show real leadership and tell the country that we all have to make ourselves, and society more resilient by focusing on wealth creation, skilling up, efficiency. We have to move away from a culture of consumption (which only helps China) and belief in the efficacy of the public sector(cf PHE for starters). Practical steps might include switching public sector pensions to a DC basis, with the contributions invested by the pension companies into growing British industry and beneficial infrastructure (not HS2, obs).Repeal the HRA and cut back on the legal merry-go-round
Up here in the North we are sick of Westminster's posturing, lying and virtue-signalling. Dominic Raab spoke for commonsense - let's have more plain speaking like that . The BBC are keen on knee-bending, so let's ask them individually to sign loyalty oaths to the UK

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If the Tories don't get behind Boris and show discipline, they will be finished. Plenty of people here in the North think Tories are just a bunch of self-serving, backstabbing liars. Only five months after the GE and we are already seeing signs of that yet again. Backbench non-entities should STFU!

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I like the idea of a publically available org chart for the entire State, with named officials and their associated duties, powers, responsibilities and budget. Then the media will have no excuse for failing to find out who in the PHE/NHS/DHSC/CabinetOffice mishmash is responsible for the testing/PPE fiascoes. They've had months to find these people - just follow the trail of bodies.

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From up here in Greater Manchester, it looks like the usual remoaner hate mob trying to take down one of the few in the Tories who isn't a useless careerist

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The media are right down there with PHE in my estimation. One lot failed at their main job in preparing for a pandemic, and the other lot find it easier to scream abuse at politicians than to identify the individuals in PHE responsible for their lack of preparation.
As for those Tory MPs who got in on Boris's coattails, this is the last chance saloon for the Tory party if you don't deliver on the election promises. STFU and stop doing the Remoaner backstabbing.

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Boris should give Dom 50000 blank P45s and send him around Whitehall to distribute where he (Dom) fancies.
BTW, we were promised a reduction in the number of MPs and Lords. Hurry up with that! The general population despises them almost as much as they despise journalists.

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Here we go again. Why can't these grandstanding Tory MPs refrain from disloyalty? Why not spend time eviscerating PHE and the rest of the public sector jobsworths ? Why did we elect you? STFU!