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Welp, I'm out. Those were a fantastic few years, but a line needs to be drawn somewhere.
As amazing as the show was and still is, to me the fanworks accounted for a large part of overall appeal. So, before Hasbro's legal thugs decide to take the axe to or while I'm still around, I'm bowing out now. It's a shame, since I still love the series and am aware of Hasbro's indifference towards that, but I feel like it's the only way to make my displeasure known.
You are all lovely people and I wish you all the best for the future, whereever it may take you.

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I'm sure other things happened in this episode, but there's one thing that was seared into my mind: "Applejack in latex stockings. Holy Shit!"

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So, yeah. *shrug* Not a fan, to be honest. To me it was basically Twilight Time part II: Breezie Boogaloo; wierdly predictable, sorta funny and yet aggressivly boring, which I didn't even consider possible before.
It wasn't all bad though. I mean, it still wasn't as bad as Daring Don't, the only episode I actively loathe.
The breezies I liked, what with them being shiftless, work-shy tossers. Their visual and sound design was great, as was the entire episode's.
Still, I really, *really* hope that next week is a return to form.

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Well, that one sure ...existed.
Quite 'meh' on all accounts, to me at least. Quite funny, sorta wierd, fairly liberal with established fluff.
I don't loathe it like I do with Daring Don't, but it leaves me cold like Bats! did, and that one at least had a great song.
In short, it's a Dave Polsky episode to the core. 'Rarity takes Manehatten' this was not.

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So, yeah. That was ...okay. Not too bad, not too good. Just sorta average by the admittedly high standards of this season. Honestly, in many ways it felt more like a throwback to S1 than anything else. Quite funny, sorta wierd, not overly concerned with established stuff.
In short, it's a Dave Polsky episode. Can't be all al phenomenal as Rarity takes Manehatten, I suppose.

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They are official, yes. Amy Keating Rogers twitter'd that a bit ago.
As for the toe thing, it could be argued that each hoof is actually a toe, I think.

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Daring Don't. I loathed the episode when I first saw it, and that only grew worse since then. It effortlessly displaced Games Ponies Play as my least favorite episode.

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Excellent. A fun, fanservice-y romp without many issues. I enjoyed it immensly. The Ponytones came out of nowhere, but worked surprisingly well. Why knew Rarity and Big Macintosh shared a hobby like that? Toe-tapper and Torch Song were nice, too. Not to mention the astounding songs...
Yeah, another amazing episode in the bag. Fourteen episodes down, and only one real dud so far. I so hope that quota holds up for the rest of the season.

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I... I can't believe I am saying this... but... but this might actually be okay-ish? I mean, it certainly *looks* good, but then again, faces aside, EQG's problem wasn't in the way it *looked*. If they manage a story that doesn't make me want to claw out my brain, I might actually be looking forward to this. Color me baffled.
I am still totally down with the outfits, though. Much nostalgia.

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How exactly is this 'EQD related stuff'? Because a developer sent an email shilling a potential new game that has literally NOTHING to do with the target of the site?
To me, that's not 'EQD related stuff', that's a savy developer fishing for some easy money. By going through the most important MLP site they reach a massive audience at no cost whatsoever to them; an audience that is well known for generosity and support of projects they like. As far as marketing ploys go, this is brilliant - the fact that there is so much discussion about the post is proof that the shaky connection of 'horse = MLP-related' holds up well enough.
This might be a quite cynical view of things, but the gaming industry has made me wary in the last few years. I don't know. maybe I am just bitter...