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Good to know!

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Totally! I didn't mean to imply that the equation should be person who makes less = person who stays home. Anyone who wants to continue working after having a child should be able to, and deserves institutional support (in addition to support from their partner(s)). In my situation it would be impossible for me to stay home, and most people we interact with know this and STILL give crap about my husband choosing to be a stay at home dad.

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I mean, I would *love* to be a sorcerous harpy. But alas, the cards just did not work out that way.

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That millennial article hit home. We're having a baby in 5ish weeks and my husband is staying home when I go back to work - which is great! But young people cannot understand it - we get a lot of push back from other youths. Like, a of all, I make a considerable amount more money than he does, so me staying home makes zero sense, b of all, he wants to stay home! I am not some sorcerous harpy who is forcing him to give up his career or anything. Also we don't know the sex of the baby, and I am a little terrified of having a boy because seriously, how to do raise a white boy to not be an asshole?

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If a threat like that won't keep them in, I don't know what will.

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I am due May 4th, and I am really, REALLY hoping that as a first Mother's day gift to me, this baby stays in until the 7th so I can see Civil War.

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I mean, it's gotta be great, right? Black Panther is in it! Also, I think Age of Ultron was so bad partly because it was functioning as a bridge into Civil War and a new Avengers team. So it was all for a good cause - mainly to see Tony Stark eat a big ol' piece of humble pie and get in fisticuffs with Cap.

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Huffelpuff and proud. Grand adventures, ambition, and smarts are great and all, but so is tea and blankets and playing cooperative board games with your friends.

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What's the point of a functioning world without good muffins, though?

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I'm so sorry - it's really crushing to lose a beloved pet. My current cat-buddy, Gato, is a a huge fluff ball who just wants to be around. He follows me through the house, not always sitting on my lap or begging for pets, but just to be in the same room. When I come home from work I see him looking out the front window, and he runs to the door when he sees my car pull in. He always tries to get out in the morning, not to run away, he just wants to follow me where-ever I'm going. My husband jokes that he thinks I spend all day in the "big outside room" and doesn't understand why he can't come with me. I will miss him terribly when he eventually goes, just like I miss Darlin, my previous cat-buddy, and REO Speedwagon, our giant, gangly greyhound.