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Now that I have thought of it, I can't stop picturing Ailes flying around Fox News HQ like Baron Harkonnen, barking orders, cackling, and farting.

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Claudine Auger libel!

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Say, that gives me a swell idea. If all patriots said "we divorce you" three times to Soetoro, he would have to obey his religion, right?

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"Pat Nixon's Hot Chicken Salad" would make a pretty good a) wonkette alias b) band name c) title for my autobiography d) emetic

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Commander #1: We've analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by?
Grand Moff Romney: Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.

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Plus Dems could squeak out both Virginia and Montana which did not look good a few months ago, also too.

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Old Motherfucker Hubbard.

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I actually watched these painful 15 seconds twice -- I'm not sure, but was the crowd chanting Ryan, Ryan, Ryan (whom they might actually like), and then Mitt corrects them that he is the top of the ticket? If so, absolutely fucking brutal and sad. Ze stench of loserdom has become overpowering.

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rrrrrrrabbitskenia! ze vorst case I have ever seen!

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1) I'm not usually one to leap to these kinds of conclusions, but the subliminals hit me at least like a sledgehammer, I could barely notice anything else. Watch this again and pay very close attention to what appears in black and what appears in white, and when. Especially the part with the hospital pillow, the part where Obama's blackety black Obamacare plan gives your money to blackety black people who are not you, whitey.

2) Is it just me or is Romney on some serious drugs / sleeping pills / creepy vibe in the reading of the approval line at the end.