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I never could stand riding bikes, the seat always hurt my ass. I can't imagine riding one naked. And let's face it, some people should NOT be naked. I am not as against this law as much as I might been 10 years ago.

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I told Aaron to switch to a mincing gel, it's so much cheaper.

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They'd burn the bible if they thought it would protect their belief in the bible.

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Aaron Schock is hiding something. And I am just the man to strip search him. You're welcome , America.

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I;d like to laugh this off but the laws are so fucked up in russia and homophobia is so ingrained I fear for these two ladies and her business. It ain't the US over there and their anti-gay assholes are really to be feared not made fun of They beat, torture, and kill gays and little, if anything is done about it.

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Usually a story about Nazis and trains would repel me, but this one I liked.

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It's finally curtains for Pee Wee's Evil twin.

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Moar stock photos, less photos of poor, sad cats with fucked up faces.

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More of these please, from the closing accordion music to the narrator apparently recording from the inside of an air duct, I say 'Bravo!'.

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Oh? Gotham City, the Capital of the World, the City that Never Sleeps, the Big Apple, worried about a blizzard?

People in Michigan's upper peninsula get drunk on your sad, frozen, tears and laugh.