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"The keynote that set off alarms for me to begin looking for the unknown power behind Santorum's candidacy, is that he actually lied about Newt Gingrich when he sternly gritted his teeth and shouted at Gingrich in a public national debate, "WE THREW YOU OUT!" of the Congress, and as Speaker. The evidence has since come out more and more with url links I've shared already, and I expect more is yet to become known: that Newt Gingrich was later exonerated, too late after he'd resigned. However, Santorum had to know it when he made that accusation to a "free national audience" in the public DEBATE. He said it powerfully, pointedly, strategically, knowing it was NOT the truth--that makes it official for me, that Santorum is a hidden Progressive instrument to disrupt the GOP Nomination of New Gingrich, who deserves it above all others, because America needs him NOW. 2012 is the Deadline for stopping what comes next after "Obama's" soon expected resignation, or removal by legal fiat. Newt was the gentleman in acting to resign in 1995, after Nancy Reagan recognized him publicly as the one to whom Ronald Reagan had passed the Constitutional Conservative TORCH, in completing the Reagan legacy under the GOP Congress, which Gingrich fought so hard spearheading, himself; indeed my husband was a part of making that happen in 1994. The general course to step aside as Speaker, was still in the 90s, simply thought best, resigning amidst the serious disturbances all around Newt; however, then still, even he was naive of the hidden extreme leftist agenda already entrenched secretly within our government, inch-worming all the way to 2008 and beyond, to TAKE DOWN AMERICA. Constitutional Conservatives know this well today. It's a fact.

AMERICAN Conservatives TODAY know that Newt Gingrich was trashed insidiously by the far-left, pressuring him to step down as Speaker, and resign from Congress, too, just as Sarah Palin was trashed after 2008 by the leftist media, now owned by the Progressive movement today. The leftists KNEW that Gingrich was well-trained, well-experienced, and had the innate knew-how and contacts to get things done--making him "presidential material", just as Palin was recognized, as well. Newt was DYNAMIC in his leadership of Congress. That was a real threat to the leftist agenda in the mid-90s after the GOP gained control of Congress for the first time since 1929. They were desperate to put a stop to the forward Constitutional movement of the Republican Party. Solution: Infiltrate the GOP soonest with "Moderates" (Progressives in the Dyed in the Wool of Conservatives)--and here we are today. THEY are fighting desperately to keep Gingrich from getting the White House, just as they will be running around like weasels to sneak even more Progressives into Congress, to continue further destroying the Grand Old Party of true Conservative Republicans. "

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"I hope you get cancer": Mollie Hemingway on the vile commentary she's gotten on articles

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Okay . . . why is he revealing this information now and not just keeping quiet and releasing it without notice later in the year?

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Anyone but Obama. I like anyone but ROmney but I will take hwoever the candidate is. Santorum is genuine what you see is what you get.

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For Mitt to even sit for such a picture spells to me, preemptive sabo of his own campaign. He's born to lose this.

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The bars in Chicago might know this, but would a little-old-lady poll worker know to check ,and even if she did see it, would she be able to refuse it?

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Soetoro belongs in jail... until his execution.

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While the pissy facial expression on the thin skinned narcissist isn't bad, I think the artist should have worked a little harder to capture the "Holier than thou," down his nose look President Pantywaist has worked so hard to perfect.

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I attended the first organizational meeting of a TEA Party group in a California suburban city and went to DC in 10 & 11 but I WILL NOT vote for Mittens the Rino under any circumstance.
t For America to have a future the Republican Party must be destroyed. The sooner the better and their nominating Romney will guarantee the end of the republican party. Too many conservatives are tired of holding their nose when the repubics give us statists the likes of Mittens & Boehner.

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Illegals need to go home. They should be ashamed to even think of demanding anything. They should be thankful for the largesse America has bestowed on them already, and show their appreciation by taking their rude, greedy, self serving children back to wherever they came from. They are part of the reason Mexico, in particular, is a thug ridden, cartel controlled Country. Will they destroy America as well? If their children were born here, they can some back when they are adults....but each time I hear about a protest by illegals, and they are criminals, I wonder why they don't go back to their wonderful homeland...the one they want to convert America too...the one whose flag they think should be flown over schools paid for by American taxpayers....such avaricious, disloyal people are not the stuff good citizens are made of....they really do need to self deport themselves.