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Eeyup. We need more of these.

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Cannot find the mug and snug set at all on the website. Anyone have a link?

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Yes. I wear a RainbowDash Beanie from we love fine. The cutie mark one. Keeps my hair out of my eyes and also head warm with winter fast approaching. If I am going to town alone I will also wear one of my 3 pony shirts, vinyl, derpy, or chrysali, and my RD wristband. No one says anything when it is the Chrysalis shirt because you can't tell unless you seen the show. And I listen to fandom music when going out. So does that count?
Anyways all in all, I do daily wear MLP stuff. Tat beanie I have two of because at one point I thought I lost my original.

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The feels on the AJ comic...

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One two three you think I will tap out
be like Daniel Bryan and shout
NO NO NO all up in your face
Dont hate the pony player your a disgrace

I will smack talk you all around the stage
Look at little Vinyl, boiling with rage
Go back to spinning records something your actually good at
Your cant stand against my lyrics they are just to phat

Your best hurry Scratch your rhymes are looking sickly
I think I ought to end this battle quickly
Burst through the ring and tombstone pile drive that flank
Thats right Vinyl Scratch your ass just got spank'd

I suggest next time you learn who you're messing with
This battle is old like you granny smith
The pony you're facing , HA you don't even know his name
But I will be nice and give you a clue
Since GIGABIT is the one to put you to shame
Whats wrong poor Vinyl you look a little BLUE

(And yes last two I did the lines a little off to make it work. :P )

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Oh snap you think your tough
This battle is about to get ROUGH
Think I am scared with your talk of pain
Well lets she this sink into you're brain

I am the best there was and ever will be
You DJpon3 aint got NOTHING on me
Sure you can throw down some mad lines
But we both know its only a matter of time

Why dontcha run back to your cello buddy
This rap battle is going to be cruddy
If you keep on trying to bring the heat
That pony butt, ya its going to get BEAT

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Oh gawd this reminds me of EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!!

Vinyl you think you are all big and bad
Well lets keep this up 'cause your about to be had
I think you need to go back to rapping school
best get going before I make you look like a fool

This is my house you silly mare
so go ahead and take a chair
I will show you a thing or two filly
and in the end it will be you lookin' silly

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Nice, I liked them

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Yep.. now I want my NZXT case painted and the works...

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lamp shade trixie.. I think she is drunk.