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Ann Coulter has revealed herself to be a Liberal RINO charlaton, Ann projected herself on her accusations on Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is now into Coulters head. When Sarah accused Anns love of her life, the big mouthed Governor of New Jersey of getting his panties in a wad, horseface Ann knew she had to retaliate, but it was Ann back a few months ago to Laura Ingraham filling in for O Reilly, said Im getting to hate Sarah Palins fanatic followers. So this has been building up for quite a while, Ann is a Romneybot, and Sarah Palin is an anti-Romnybot. At CPAC Coulter got booed, Sarah Palin got ovations, I rest my case, scoreboard.

12 years ago @ - Maher To Limbaugh: I C... · 1 reply · +13 points

I would love to see Sarah Palin kick that Maher in the groin with her 4inch stilettos, but Sarah is too classy to waste time on this little troll!

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Te little troll Bill Maher has repeatedly called Sarah Palin a c$nt.....Crickets in the media......

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The scene where the homely Julianne was on the floor in a fetal position, wasnt acting, she was having her own nervous breakdown because she said how did I get myself into this ," my career is over, hoo boo hoo, everybody is going to hate me, boo hoo boo hoo I cant measure up to Sarah hoo"............

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I didnt know the repululsive hack Suzanne Malatto was still working for CNN, she is an Obamatron, duh.............

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Hey FU......... I hope you choke on your LOX.....

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As Britt Hume would say,"he threw up all over himself"......

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Brock should be on suicide watch, when he comes down from his speed high, look out. I remember when he used to be on cable all the time back in the 90s, and I remember that Esquire magazine very well, the guy then dissappers and surfaces later as the leader of Fecal Media Matters. Brock is a real Cretin.

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LOL......eating too much Ginger..........

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The girlie men Heilman, and Halperin, should have their journalist licenses takin away for this despicable hit job with an assist by Steve "piece of "Schmidt, and that sea hag Nicolle Wallace and HBO.