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I was wondering when this would show up. I've had her since the 25th of May... I have all of the magazine figures so far. ;v;

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Poor Leelah. She deserved so much better.

I can't believe even after she was driven to suicide, her parents refuse to look past their intolerant ways and support what their daughter wants. Just shows you where their loyalties lie, really. If your religion comes before your child, you need to rethink your choices.

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... A sidescroller with great models that aren't pixels?


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Nope, can't watch it. Tried but, damn, the second-hand embarrasment is just too much.

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Oh nooo, I love the top two! I'm a size seven though; kiddie shoes won't fit me. 8c

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That magazine is actually part of an ongoing children's series; it's not a special thing, it's just the 'gift' they're offering with that specific issue.

It's the same magazine series that has been slowly giving out those decent quality figurines from time to time. uvu

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Thunderlane was already released in the pack of three; consisting of him, Rainbow Power Fluttershy and Ditzy Doo/Derpy... Unless this post was just saying he's being released as a single figure in the blind bags specifically. Oop.

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She looks way too skinny...

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It doesn't have to be a stereotype. Some girls are athletic and some girls do a lot of physical labor. These two just happened to be shipped together in a picture supporting LGBTQA+ rights. Athletic and physically strong lesbians do exist, after all.

It's just supposed to be a cute little image, considering she's their voice actor... That's all uvu;;

I mean, if she had stated that she thinks they're lesbians because of how they act, it'd be a completely different story, but... //shrug

I mean, what if the picture was of Pinkie Pie and Rarity, instead? You could easily say something was wrong with that too, considering they could be called stereotypically girly... I dunno man, just because something might be a living stereotype, doesn't make it bad.

We're all entitled to our opinions though, I guess!

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Heeeells yeah.

To be honest, I'm fine with people finding LGBTA+ 'icky' as long as they don't use that dislike as a reason to hate on people. We all have our preferences and sometimes we can't help but find a certain something gross (even if it's not); what defines you as a good or bad person is whether or not you fail to control yourself when it comes to the choice of hurting them.

Whether it's by saying hurtful things, being physically cruel or deciding someone shouldn't have the same rights as you....

Really. Just think about why you feel the need to be hurtful for a moment. You're grossed out by what people do together in their own time that has nothing to do with you, nor does it get in the way of your life and rights.

It's pretty sad if that freaks you out enough to try and stop it.