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sure looked like south east corner of Delaware county to me with X47 and the big curve north of Sand Springs that heads into Hoptown when I saw it.

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but he was driving he just realized he couldn't continue to drive

After questioning, Castro allegedly told police he dialed 911 because he “felt too intoxicated to continue driving.”

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It was always a public Lake anyone was welcome to boat they only owned the Dam that kept it a Lake

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GOD I wish I could give you a PLUS 100!!!!! that is SOOOOOOO true

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Personally I am on claritin D which has pseudoephedrine in it. I need it due to severe allergies. I need it year round. I know many people that need it frequently

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the company that gets the 35% owns and maintains the cameras so ... if they stop making enough money they could do some adjusting to the radar or the city shorten the Yellow lights

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particularly it would continue to move if you had the clutch in to restart it or cause you were braking ect...

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its Captain!

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well if you live on the lake why would you say that the campground was on the lake cause there is a big difference between the lake and the river. I never commented on the lawsuit. However I personally dont know that if the 3rd gate was opened all the way that it would have mattered there was a tremendous amount of rain in a very short time

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So you obviously have no clue on the locations of the Lake Delhi which is by Delhi and Walnut acres which is in Monticello by the RIVER maybe you should check out a map. However It has flooded many many times over the years and he should have been aware that it has happened before and can happen again even if they were not to rebuild the dam there is a chance of flooding from the river.