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Do you think that, by the same token, British courts should have jurisdiction over any cases between, say, a British ex-pat and the French government? And would you also agree that operational deficiencies within Office should not call into question the impartiality of our legal system?

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Or, more simply, 'the EU is trying to deal with' their elected governments.

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I have three close family members making expensive demands on NHS resources at present - and all for self-inflicted wounds (caused by over-eating, under-eating, sloth and smoking). In this ongoing debate about NHS funding, in the era of 'multi-morbid' health problems, before we take the lazy route of just throwing more money at the blessed thing, we need to look at how to motivate people to take better care of themselves. Sadly, the motivator of being able to look forward to a long, healthy life just doesn't seem enough to promote healthy lifestyles among enough of our citizens.
P.S. Tax rises to better fund the NHS shouldn't be countenanced until Mr Hunt has satisfied the Cabinet that health tourism has been ended and every last penny owed to the NHS by our EU 'partners' is being extracted. He doesn't seem to care about this.

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It's a real mystery why the Opposition front bench is so quick to lend tacit support to post-Soviet Russia. A real mystery.

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Allowing those states to join NATO was a strong measure of support. Now that they are in the Alliance we should ensure that NATO force levels in the Baltic States are sufficient to deter any Russian adventures. But NATO must also insist that all of its member states meet the 2% of GDP Defence spending target. The last time I looked only two of the East European states do so. They seem to have a comprenhensive insurance policy despite only paying tthe premiums for third party, fire & theft.

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“These people are British, they are part of us”. Now I'm confused. If this is a sad tale of mal-administration of BRITISH citizens then perhaps Mrs May shouldn't have rushed into grovelling to Commonwealth prime ministers. In short, perhaps No 10 and the Home Office should establish the facts and then make appropriate decisions. Or do the demands of the news cycle now trump the requirement to govern competently? What was missing from today's PMQs were ... numbers.

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No, June, the conduct of the EU and the Continent's political 'eliite' is the reason why we voted for Brexit.

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No, let's NOT have an inquiry, which will cost much and be hijacked by the Left. Instead, let's have the appropriate Select Committee look into the matter and also have the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office bring in a small team of external consultants to probe the operational failures, and then fix them in the short-term. And, above all, let's keep a sense of proportion.

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When a large-scale, state-sponsored, cyber-attack is launched against this country I hope that we don't find out that much of our critical national infrastructure is vulnerable because too much use has been made of internet connections and too little of dedicated landlines. The military still place much emphasis on the resilience of its communications and commercial operators must be made to as well.

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Q. Why can't Corbyn attract the loyalty of the majority of his MPs?