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Haha, Dilanka--I wish you the best of luck in that goal!

And I have no doubt that you're going to be able to succeed in reaching that goal if you are able to visualize it, make it attainable, and actually work towards it!

Thanks for stopping by again!

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Hey there, lorio202! Thanks for stopping by!

Let us know how it goes, and stay motivated!

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Hmm, this is true Dan--although I do feel like it's becoming more of a default response to say, "I don't have time," as a sort of "gatekeeping" method. You know?

Definitely true that there are people out there who don't truly understand how to manage their time, but I also think there are some things we ALL know that we just refuse to listen to, like: 1. Just getting started on something, knowing that the momentum will build, 2. Ignoring those things that act as "switches," like Facebook, Twitter, TV, etc., and 3. Not planning out our large-scale projects.

I feel like we're often looking for the magic elixir of productivity. It's the new "diet pill" for production, and they want to find "the secret" that successful people have so obviously hidden from the rest of us.

They don't realize (or don't believe) that it's really about will power--sitting down and doing what they know is right!

Dan, thanks for stopping by--come back soon!

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Hey Dilanka!

I like the way you put it: "a big mess of personal issues, fears, upbringing, etc..." stuck in the mental pipes--ha.

What do you mean by a symptom of something much deeper?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ha! Who surfs the internet too much? Surely nobody really does that... right? (kidding, of course).

I definitely find it helpful to come at any project with this concept in mind: if I know I need to just start something to build the momentum, I'll try to summon enough strength to sit down and get started. Chances are, once I sit down and start, I lose track of time and soon enough, I'm done!

Again, thanks for stopping by, Loren!

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Amen, brother! This was written more to myself than anyone else, and it seems like if it's helpful to me, it might be helpful to others as well...

Thanks for dropping by, Loren! How are things?

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Ouch--three times?

I've heard we'll need to rewrite, but I was thinking more along the lines of rewriting and reworking individual parts of the novel.

As for the genre part, just meant it as the thriller I'm writing will be mainstream, stereotypical, cliche, you know...

I really like your advice on asking people who've been to a place in my novel for their input. I think I'll head over to the NaNoWriMo forums right now to see if I can track down anyone who's been to Petra, Giza, or Easter Island.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I would say that it really doesn't matter how "random" they seem--after awhile people will recognize it and it becomes their brand.

For the rest of us just getting started, I'd stick with your main search terms as part of the domain (,, etc.), that way you'll be able to sell it or turn it over to someone else in the future, if you want.

You could stick with your own name, but you'd probably not be able to do much with the site if it grows large enough to sell.

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Haha, yeah--that's sort of how it goes.

You know, I've gone back and forth for awhile with it too--some months I'll crack down and try to cut out EVERYTHING that's not productive, and other times I'll just get into a "groove" and make sure I'm doing at least SOMETHING.

For me, the key is to always make sure I'm "being productive, and not just active..." ;-)

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Wow, Tessa! Great blog, and great recipes!

I'm going to be doing a series on cooking (I hope), IF I can figure out how to cook...

Thanks for the wonderful articles, pics, and advice--I'll be visiting again soon!