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So if all the supermarkets, phone companies, airlines, banks, utility providers and all the rest decided to stop sales to Daniel Hannan because they do not like his political views then that is free trade and purely a matter for them?

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Twitter is a censored, woke platform. It needs to go and Parler and Gab are part of the answer. It is sad to see the RINOs that are the Conservative party once again selling out, calculating no doubt that if we just never mention our record levels of immigration and never criticise taking the knee or AntiFa that somehow 'we'll be alright', That though is wrong for two reasons. First the Left intend to ban all dissent, no matter how mildly expressed and secondly identity voters (and that's what the Red Wall voters are) will not support an establishment party that agrees with Labour on everything except on the tax treatment of hedge funds.

Also check out Glenn Greenwald (remember him, the Left leaning antiwar journalist who got sacked). As he points out, most of the Capitol protest planning was done on Facebook ( . I'd love to see that banned.

Almost all political violence is from the Left. Call that out and do something about that

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I suspect you'll find that the human rights abuses of the next few years will be coming from Biden, the crazy people behind him and Big Tech in the suppression of all dissent from their agenda

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Agreed in spirit. However the people pushing this are not Remainers. Rather it is Brexiteers, motivated I suspect in part by bitterness at the EU's new investment framework agreement. IDS is leading this.

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The biggest driver of costs in local government is children's social care, the rules for which were all effectively nationalised under arch-centraliser Michael Gove. Now councils have to spend a fortune taking children into care and if they don't, their children's services functions will be stripped from them and placed in a trust answerable only to parliament and which will send them the bill. If you want to do something about the council tax, you have to address these problems first. Gimmicks won't do it.

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I'm sure the UK would love a deal like this. It's another have-cake-and-eat-it proposal that the EU would never accept and why should it?

What you're asking for is for the UK to be able to end free movement, financial contributions and the rule of EU law, to change any rules it likes in areas where it thinks it can secure an advantage but then to be treated as part of the EU when it comes to exports cars or licensing chemicals as to do otherwise would damage UK production. That is exactly the sort of cherry picking we've seen promoted by various Brexiteer fantasists for the last four years.

An independent Scotland may be coming. If that happens, would England allow Scottish government bodies to make decisions on the licensing of medicines in England? Would it allow Scottish goods to be exempt from import rules? Were Scotland more competitive in goods delivery and England in insurance, would we allow Scotland to decide to diverge in insurance to keep the English out, while allowing them to carry on their delivery business because they haven't diverged? Of course not. Neither will the EU

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Six months a year of lockdown this year and every year will condemn hundreds of thousands to die from preventable diseases and from the shrinkage of the health service, which is the inevitable result of destroying the economy.

There's no lockdown for the flu or pneumonia and more die from that.

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So, you're willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of younger people with cancer and other diseases, so that because bedwetters like you are afraid of a virus with a 0.05% death rate for people under 70 without preexisting conditions?

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The UK has no right to return anyone to France without the consent of the French government. Also lots of foreign governments refuse to accept their citizens back, both because they could be trouble and because a slice of any money they earn will be sent home and therefore keeping them abroad helps the economy.

These countries can just say no, or they can claim that in the absence of a passport there is no proof that the migrant is a citizen.

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Aside from the EU's Dublin rules, which don't work well and which won't apply after January 1st, there is no international agreement on asylum and safe countries. Lots of people seem to imagine there is and that some sort of right to deport non-nationals to the country they were last in exists, but it doesn't. Were the UK to act illegally and just force people on to a ferry, the French would be within their rights to arrest the crew and then send all the migrants back to Britain. They would also be acting legally if they decided to allow anyone without a passport to board a ferry to the UK if the intention is to claim asylum