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Immigration should not even be considered a "problem". Our country was founded for people just like those crossing the borders everyday looking for a better, safer life where they earn a decent wage to support their families. What people don't seem to get is that we are a species amongst millions on a planet in space amongst millions and that we are biodegradable- doomed to the carbon cycle. We will literally become dust of the earth when it's all said and done. So where do we get off thinking we can claim, and then put a price on, pieces of a planet that we had no part in creating --and then, on top of it all, decide that only certain people are allowed on it. Sure, if they are murderers or rapists then lets discriminate the shit out of them, but if they're not, if they're just good people trying to find a better place to live, how can we not let them in. How can we do that. We continually allow these ego maniacs to decide everything for everybody. Fuck them, lets kick them out and let these other people, who appreciate every little thing ten times as much into this land that we inhabit. It's just the right thing to do, the difference between going to hell or going to heaven. The white mans so spoiled and so greedy it disgraces me to be one. I want no part in it at all ever, and furthermore, if you make decisions on my behalf that I don't agree with at all, then you are not only failing as a politician, your failing as a human being. If you don't pick the right thing to do over the state of the economy than i'm embarrassed to be of the same species. And if the higher power judges one of based on what the rest of the species does, we're all fucked. Let me bring James Bond in again to come break down some freaking border walls and kick the shit out of border police. Let's grant these people the freedom the deserve just like the rest of us.

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With all we've done in the countries where these extremists originate from, I can see how they would see it as all bad and very little good. I can see why they hate us. We go where we want whenever we want, and we do things however we please (though in our heads we do good things) and other countries are guaranteed to take offense. We our the world super power and no one likes to see the same team win all the time. And I see no end to our reign. And then they see the shitty side of our country..... the evildoers, the corruption, the monstrosities we commit, the ridiculous religious like Baptists. I get why they'd hate us. But my question is why are they attacking so many other places too? Are they going after all Christians? Any will do it seems. So was it not them that made it a holy war? Sure, George Bush made it more of one with the help of the morons in congress, but we got thrown into the ring so what else could we have done but knock the mo-fo down? If they are crazy enough to crash planes into skyscrapers, then there is an evil within them that is unacceptable. I don't care if we walked into their kitchen and took the food off their plate, YOU CAN"T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Its not really cool of us, but still, who is seriously dumb enough to try to take us on. And why would they, we make them rich. What happened to "if you can't beat em', join em'"? If they weren't blowing people up we wouldn't be in a war. That's a huge NO-NO. So in the end it doesn't matter what we're fighting over, until we see that white flag the shits on. The shitty part of the whole situation is that its a continuation of the patterns of war which have occurred on Earth as far back as our species goes. When will it end? Our are we just doomed to that fate. I wish these dudes would just chill out. Nothing is worth killing for beside killing the killers themselves. All I want to do is marry an awesome chick, start a family, eat good food, drink good wine, and just enjoy my time here on earth. But I feel like if I did that I would be acting selfishly. I feel like I have to do something to help fix this fucked up world, and honestly I just wish there were no problems to fix. And then what's the point of we just continue to fall back into old habits. World Peace? Its a pipe dream. As long as men have these bullshit egos, it'll never happen.

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The next step? We gotta get the first step done with first. No one knows about this stuff that's happening elsewhere in the world. I try telling a few of my family members and none of them had a clue. We have to spread the knowledge of this beast of a problem so that people out there with money that are trying to find a cause see this and act. I kinda wish I could go James Bond on these sweatshops and slavery plantations and free these people. Just go ape shit on some of these "masters" and free as many people as possible. I'd give a stack of money and a map to each, enough to get home and get a life started A more realistic approach might be to take some money to the big corporations and offer to split the losses they would incur as a result of a company wide product price increase. If we just pay something small like one dollar more per item, this whole thing could be solved. More money would flow down the stream. Then we'd just have to make certain that the owners of the sweatshops dish out what is owed to there laborers, or else we'll cut them off completely. As long as this low-cost frenzy continues this will only get much worse. We have to up the anti to adjust to the cost of living for these poor people who give their lives for our habits. That seems to be step 5 at this point. Step two is telling everyone we know everything we've learned- everytime we see a common slave made product. Inform them and protest the use of anything coming from these places. It's gotta start there. We consumers are so ignorant of what we're dong its sickening. I plan on doing this forever. I already sent out an email of commonly used products and common corporations that refuse to do things right. Seriously though, If all else fails, I'm going rambo on these assholes till they're all free or until I die. Lets start something sweet like CMFAS and see what kind of response we get. (crazy mother fuckers against slavery) If we don't threaten these governments and sweatshop owners with ether death or boycott, its never going to end as long as civilization exists. Its so shitty though. I was sitting in class watching that movie about the cocoa slaves and some deushe bag across the aisle was sitting there the whole time laughing and giggling like a two year old on his cell phone. Dude was pathological and it really worries me that there's a huge population of shitty people like that who are preventing this thing from ending.

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This was surprising to see, but at the same time, it made sense. The mass media today makes us all question who we are and it makes most people want to be something else. We buy into the stereotypes and let them alter our frame of mind. A huge stigma that follows people of color is that they our more prone to crime. The constant use of the "gangster" image as entertainment is both, fueling this stereotype (because the gangster is rarely white) and creating a persona that people see and then want for themselves. People want to be gangster because it has become the "cool". They wanna do drugs and they wanna sell drugs, and they wanna have guns and they wanna have power. They wanna be a mob boss because they have money and fly women. This is especially true if you don't have money, if you can't get these things you have to take them. So in the poorest of places, there's always a high crime rate. And when you look around in these desolate places, and you only see people of color, of course you're going to start thinking that all people of color are more prone to crime. When really, there's just as much white crime because there's more white people. I don't think that it is only black children that would choose the opposite colored doll. If you had done that test on me at that age, I probably would have chosen the black dolls--- I mean I was a huge basketball fan. So black would have been "cool". It just goes to show that we all have some shred of insecurity in us. We all want to be something we're not sometimes. I know I might have chosen the black/brown dolls because the stigma following white people is that we're kinda "dorks". We're not "cool", we can't jump high (total bullshit, I'm 6'3'' and I can do a 360 dunk), we can't dance, etc.... Nobody wants to be what they are 100%. The media has total control of all of this. A world without TV would be an enlightened one. Kids learn about the world from their TV screens. I say fuck all that, I say if people can't prove that they are unaffected subconsciously by what they see on TV then they shouldn't be allowed to watch. Would people not like what they are if they never see what they're not? The ironic thing is that the people that our idolized probably want to be something else too. its the human condition. We're the most self-conscious species on earth, ever since Adam and Eve ate that fucking apple. (if you believe in all that) You can put something we don't have in front of us and we'll want it more than anything.

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The wave of questioning people is continually growing with each successive generation. Mass media and unlimited information at our fingertips enables us to find the facts and make up our minds however we see fit. And if we see an opening to crack an authority structure, you can bet your ass people are going to jump all over it. They will call you out without any hesitation every time. IF there weren't so many freaking holes in every single system of the world, we could all just be content. But its way too evident that the free thinkers of the world have a ton of wall breaking to take care of. Little by little the wall comes down, but corruption continues to build new walls across the street. So back to the period issue. I tend to agree with Sam on this but you can not compare it to hair growth. It's closer to asking someone about their bowel movements. I agree with the "who cares lets talk about whatever" mentality but people have their personal boundaries and they will divulge personal information to those close to them, but definitely not to a packed room of peers. I agree with the notion that it is a normal bodily function that is nothing to be embarrassed about but unfortunately it's become just that......embarrassing. Why? Weil the whole "gross" connotation that is attached to the cycle is probably a major driving force but also the fact that this occurs in the genital area- so very hush hush. Personally, coming from a medical family, i have no problem talking about the "grossest" of things. My Mom drilled the acceptance in me. But even she probably would not want to discuss her menstruation- especially not when its that time of the month. Its a personal choice, not a cultural issue. I see what Sams thinking though, there's no reason anyone should get angry because someone talks about something. He's pushing our thoughts further than they'd usually go so we get mad? He's right- get over it, it's not that big of a deal. Let's talk about it more, let's talk about anything- I don't care- bring it. We have to continue to evolve intellectually and less than half of that is our education. We need to move into the acceptance frame of mind. Acceptance of everything the way it is (psychologically). In order for the present generation to be smarter than the past generation (and if we aren't, they wasted their time and money) we have to look further outside of the box than ever before. That's where we have to continue to evolve. So let's go, I'm In. Sam- take it a run brother.

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It's scary to me that some people feel no guilt for the past crimes of their own race. I'm white, and I feel the guilt for sure. My ancestors were not slave owners, in fact they were Irish and Sicilian/Croatian immigrants. We believe the Irish on my father's side came in through Canada and the Irish on my mother's side through Ellis Island. The two combined= 50% of my genetics. The other 50% is Sicilian, Croatian, and an unknown which we think is probably Italian though my grandmother denies it- last name of Poletti (and her children tell stories of her father's mob ties in NYC). My point is, we were far from slave owners. We were slaves in our own right. But still, I fall under the category of "white" in modern society and, whether I like it or not, am apart of the white man's takeover of North America. I feel guilt because I have no control over the actions of my race, past present or future, and the cruelty we have committed against fellow human beings is unforgivable. So maybe I wasn't there and had nothing to do with it--- I am still white and therefore I still register as one and therefore will forever have to bear the burden of past mistakes because when you look at me, you will only see that I am white. If the white man hadn't been such a tyrant in the past, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But the facts are there. And hell yea I was taught about white history in school. I was also taught about black and brown history. I thought that was typical. Some people are saying they should take out white history in textbooks? Why, so we can push under the rug all the evil of the past? That's not how it works. We ought to be taught these things so we can develop proper ethics and morality...... so we can learn from the mistakes of our race. I mean, God only knows what kind of conservative baptist or nationalist bullshit that Texas is printing in their textbooks, but we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Welcome to 2010. Everyone wants to push off their beliefs on everybody else, like they know a damn thing anyway. You better get a thick skin and a hell of a filtration system going on in your mind otherwise you're going to end up as dumb and ignorant as the whitest white supremacist. People need to worry about themselves and make sure they have their own heads straight before they even think about trying to tell somebody else the ways of the world. Everyone seems to think they can skip that step..... screaming their opinions like its God sent. GET REAL.

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This is a question that will have varying answers depending on who you are asking. A Dude will say they find it much easier to accept lesbian Women- as they are expected to, and Women will say the opposite. However, if we look at the exceptions here, chances are you will find that there are more Women who would also say they find it easier to see lesbians, than you will find guys who say they prefer to see gay men. This, to me, indicates that not only guys, but a lot of Women also tend to prefer they see lesbian p.d.a. instead of gay men p.d.a.. And I have a theory of why this may be- though it only addresses the exceptions. I think this is an example of a underlying truth about human genetics and a hidden truth about the history of mankind- that Women, in fact, are not only more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than men, but are also created to be closer to the Divine. It is my belief that Women are God's chosen temples and that they should be praised as such. It's like no one even pays attention to the fact that Women can literally create life in their bellies- that they can perform Miracles- with a mere minute or so of a guy's time and erection. The beauty of Female body, to me, makes the idea of men who prefer men incomprehensible. How can you give up the perfection of a Woman for the imperfection of a man.

So for the Women who are more accepting of lesbians, whether they know it or not, I think its because their eyes serve them well in that they subconsciously know that Women are much more beautiful. Heterosexual men sure as hell know it. For those guys that prefer men- maybe it's genetics, I don't know, but I tend to think its more nurture than nature that affects their sexuality. The environment in which we are raised makes us everything we are. If you see your Dad kissing another guy, you can't tell me it won't make you at least consider being a chip off the old block. The gay men/Women who have acted in the likeliness of their opposite gender since they could first walk, OKAY- maybe that is genetics. But the late bloomers? Nah- something changed you along the way. Just my personal belief.

Don't get me wrong, I respect all mankind and accept everyone for whatever they want to be. As a straight man, perhaps I'm biased, but I think my opinion could hold some ground amongst some scholars. I just can not even begin to understand how a guy could walk around and not look right past dudes in passing to the cute girl in the distance. Maybe I'm ignorant, you tell me. I think it's a fair opinion. I LOVE WOMEN, sue me.

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This is a concept that makes a great deal of sense to me and my beliefs lay in the gray area with exceptions. The forces at work in society are very much man-made and any tangible obstacle is there for a reason, whether it be moral or not. They are there to weed out the "weak" in order to find the "better" suited person for a position, school, or other opportunity. We are free to work our asses off so that we will have a better chance at an opportunity, a choice which is not very easy to make- nor is it always the right choice to make. The ambitious people out there will say this is the only option if you want to be successful in life. It's the popular mentality that, if we do not go down a path that will lead to money and wealth, we can not be successful. And that's there choice, to go for it. And maybe they have a connection to get them in the door, amidst a sea of people with nothing of the sort. They choose to take that step forward, into a crooked world of other ambitious people ready to kill for more money. If it was about supporting a family its understandable, but striving for excess is not only greedy, but silly in a world of creatures with lifespans of a ninety years tops.
Some people choose not to go down that path though. Because they know its not about how big your bank account is but about how many people you help. They know that when your last thoughts go through your head, it won't be pride in the amount of possessions you owned, but guilt of a selfish life lost. Determinism would not matter if no one cared about material wealth. There would be no money pinnacle to reach and compare each other to. Wouldn't that be nice?

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I have seen Avatar, and I immediately noticed its over-used plot. But this guy Brookes is talking about how this recurring theme is offensive in multiple ways and to me, that's a bit of a ridiculous accusation to make about a fictional movie. Sure it follows a plot that involves a "White man" outsider becoming the hero to a native people, but isn't that idea itself just too unrealistic to matter anyway? If we look at the history of the world, the white man has indeed been the biggest advocate of an expand and conquer mentality-so is it offensive that the bad guy is continuously the white militants in these similarly themed movies?- not in the least, its the truth. Could it be seen as offensive to those race groups that can relate to the native people being ousted from their land and brutally slaughtered, because a white man is continuously made to be hero?- Yes I can see that being a more likely possibility. Throughout history, in the majority of cases, oppressed people have had someone of their own race lead the revolution. The idea that a white man would actually be on the front lines in this sort of situation against his fellow white man in today's reality, is unfortunately too far-fetched to hold any real ground. Making the hero a white man has its perks in the entertainment industry though, because the majority of viewers are white. To me this is just a marketing mechanism installed to do exactly what Dr. Richards said: drive home the notion that not all white people are bad- because it makes the viewers relate to the film more. Its is comical to see journalists get so bent out of shape about movies, that by nature, are strategically constructed to make money. They absorb themselves into subplots and ulterior motives that aren't really there unless the director is it doing on purpose- which he would probably make known one way or another. In this case though, its a reused plot, and I'm sure the writers/producers knew that from day one. Questions could be raised about why Cameron reused this particular plot and that's where conspiracy theorists can find something to feed on, but we have to consider first the ease with which paraphrasing an old plot is done. Money was probably saved in that department, though the movie cost an obscene amount of money to make due to the spectacular digital dynamics involved, which do not seem to be getting enough acclaim amongst critics.
In the grand scheme of things, can we just look at a movie as a piece of entertainment to be appreciated and keep separate are personal views and imaginative opinions and instead investment them into our own endeavors so that maybe, one day, we too can claim a piece of artistic creation?

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It is amazingly despicable that the human race is still constantly demonstrating weakness. Its a weakness of character the lowers a person to devil like behavior. Such evil seems to slip by unnoticed in the consciences of those that our clouded by the culture past on to them by their ancestors. I feel like if Jesus himself sat through a European soccer match and witnessed the cruelty, his blood would boil to the point where he would honestly wish them all dead. Hearing that this is still happening in our world makes me want to lose all hope that we will ever truly reach our potential for peace and understanding; our potential to be universally civil in all matters. There's so much hate in the world and people get so freaking stupid about petty differences that it would not surprise me the least to see karma, probably in the form of a catastrophic natural disaster, wipe us all out in spite. We as one people would deserve it. We, as separate people, divided up between who is good and who is evil, would not all deserve it. We should be racist against those that live evil, corrupted lives. Let them be persecuted by the majority, do they not deserve it most? They would probably claim ignorance at the pearly gates on their judgment day... would you want them to be allowed into heaven?

It really does make you appreciate how far the United States has come. We are, hands down, the most compassionate people in the world as a whole. I truly believed we are more evolved in that way than the rest of the world. These countries- that still abuse their own people for selfish gain, that turn a blind eye to demonstration of pure evil, and that spit on us because they can not truly understand what it is our country has accomplished- are many years behind our people. We are much further along towards no longer acting like animals and really using our God given reason, than they, and its a shame. We will have to lead the way because we have been through it already and we know what must be done. Our country, in this sense, is the parental unit of the rest of the world and if we do not pass on our wisdom, we will crumble as a family.

But how do we do that? No one will want to listen to us because they already disdain us. Just like kids do, they would rebel against the parents authority. Until we are respected, not as a world power that will dominate in war, as a population of caring, loving people, we will not be able to get the rest of the world to buy into our way of life. And that won't be able to happen as long as the war crazy people, corrupt politicians, and greedy money junkies keep giving our beautiful people a bad name. Lets be enlightened, I say, lets get to our full potential. Let's be real humans.