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I love it. I regularly drink a 12 pack of cans of lemon-lime flavoured sparkling water a week. I apparently live under a Canadian rock though, as I have never heard of LeCroix until this link roundup.

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Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwd Clearly Canadian! I haven't seen that in YEARS, but that brings back some fond childhood memories. However, I have never had LeCroix (*Cough* I had to look it up to see what it even was). It actually sounds like something I would like, so that makes it even slightly more odd. Is it not a thing in Canada maybe? Or do i just live under a rock?

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It definitely does happen to me. I have found underwear that shows them slightly less, but it definitely still shows fairly often. For me and my butt I have found that underwear where the seam sits under the curve of the butt reduces it a bit, but it probably depends on the shape of ones rear. Mostly I have given up caring. I know that's not always easy/possible for many people, but it was something I have become comfortable with. But yeah, I have mostly just decided I don't give a crap if people see my under wear lines. I'm wearing underwear and I don't need to take great lengths to hide that fact.

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Hey there fellow non busty 32D! I have even been described as flat chested by many not nice people, but that is indeed the bra that fits. It took my a long time to even try a bra that size because of notions of what a D cup looks like.

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I personally like the Aerie boybriefs. I don't think they look dowdy, but perhaps not everyone thinks so. I l like that they don't give me a huuuuge wedgie. Look here's some with giraffes on them -

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I don't think she's a villain either. I can totally understand how she might have decided that was the best option at the time, but the tone of the letter suggests that she also doesn't seem to have any empathy towards the mother losing the dog. To me, the tone of the letter sounds like she doesn't see any valid reason for the mother to be hurt over this situation. Even if giving the dog away was truly the best option, I think it's important to realize that's still a painful situation for the mother. Even more painful if she actually can't take care of the dog and hasn't come to terms with it yet. I do get that was probably a really tough and stressful situation for the letter writer too though. Really I feel fairly bad for both sides in this story to be honest.

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I personally like FB. I actually enjoy seeing what happening in people's lives. Even if they aren't really a current friend. There are people who i used to be somewhat close with, and still have lingering affection for, so I like seeing what they are up to. I like seeing pictures of people's kids and pets. I also find it useful for inviting people to events. I do like to keep a fairly tight lid on who I either unfriend or unfollow so that helps keep it a pleasant experience for me. I also really like the strategy mentioned in the thread above of hiding/blocking the pages that people share that I don't want to see, rather than deleting the person if I still want to see their other non political posts (or whatever).

ETA: I also have not had some of the terrible problems that a lot of other people have had with FB so maybe that's why it's a bit easier for me to still enjoy Facebook.

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We used splitwise to track our expenses for awhile and that worked reasonably well. If I recall correctly you can fairly easily weigh certain expenses so can choose to pay more less of a portion of certain things if you want to do it that way. And you can download the app so it's easy to do as you go and then you know where you both stand in terms of who might owe the other money. Neither of us particularly cared for having to actually transfer money to each other so we'd just keep alternating who paid for stuff until we ended up even. It worked out reasonably well for us. We eventually stopped actually tracking. I think around the time we got married. We kind of intended to actually join finances, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Over the years we kind of developed a reasonable routine of what we each pay for that leaves us with spending money and stuff. One day we will eventually get around to joining finances. Probably if we ever decide to move...

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Something of this nature is is also nice to use on a grill if want to cook small things with a more charred flavour than foil packets can provide and are too lazy to shove stuff onto skewers -

I find putting little things on skewers to be tedious. I know it's not that much work, but I don't liiiiiiiiiiiike it.

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I have definitely seen people do it, but I never tried it myself. I occasionally attempted the brake on the back of the skate, but I mainly stuck with the hurl myself onto the grass method.