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I backed that fucking thing. I know where 'Love & Tolerance' originally comes from, that it was just a troll and not meant to be taken seriously. I and many others expected the documentary to research how you get from a little girls cartoon to a con full of grown men. Doing that, even objectively, would have contributed more to the cause than this wankery. But they chose the same answers that personally did not convince me from day one:
"The voice acting is great!"
"I love the morals and animation"
"It's not sarcastic"

Instead, the documentary tries to tell the viewer that sperging out at a con and singing pony songs while wearing a fedora will change the world. And about the press? Well, that was the fandom's own fault. When it had the chance to give itself a face, it chose the one I described at the beginning of this very paragraph.

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It did not explain anything. It was too busy trying to make look bronies good and normal... for no good reason. Let's just listen to Ken, he covers some important points between all the banter:

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Bronydoc was pretty much propaganda to the point you could not take it seriously. Furthermore, it did not do any real research or anything. It just followed people from cons around. That was NOT what most people expected when they backed the kickstarter.

Equestria Girls is in its premise and setup still completely the opposite of what Faust wanted FiM to be.

As for the rest, there were nominations. Looks like neither of those big communities got nominated by the public. And no, they actually weren't, I checked the ongoing results (they were public) to see /mlp/'s shenenigans.

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What a load of utter bull. Things can't get better without practice and critique and a compliment is worthless if there is nothing but approval to begin with.

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People saying that S3 can even be compared to S1.

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I wear my fedora and Fluttershy tail wherever I go.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.

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Ok, I had a full post with all links, but I got "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly".

It's hidden deep enough, Seth. D:

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Seth might delete this... naah, he won't. He does not like EFN that much.

Control+F to the post that starts with "Almost a week ago I made this post"

The rest can be found on Final Draft's twitter feed and possible recordings from the Q&A with EFN held a few days ago.

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Their whole financial plan leaked. They were $20 000 in debt about a week ago. EFN pulled out due to the leak and Final Draft probably advised any voice talent not to go, either. They tried to change the venue, but didn't even reserve enough hotel rooms for the new one. All in all, it would have become LPU 2.0, but thankfully they pulled back now.

Still, lots of people are losing money now, that's for sure.