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Yeah, I really don't care. I'll wait until the episode comes out. Even then I probably won't care, because it's just a TV show I like to watch and occasionally take part in.

I try not to take it too seriously because the minute you do, you lose your sanity and get worked up over nothing.

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As much as I like aggressive dubstep/brostep, I wish people would focus more on the melodic part of the genre. Not just within the fandom but everywhere. WubWubWub YoiYoiYoi is fun, but it gets old quick. Knife Party are one of few artists I still like.

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Well it was, then Microsoft told Bungie to make 2 more because of a contract, I believe. Thus, ODST and Reach were made. After Bungie finally broke away from Microsoft and became independent, 343i, composed of a couple former Bungie employees, were brought in to start a new trilogy and Halo 4 was born.

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I choose neither because I have yet to get Assassin's Creed 3, which is currently on the top of my list. Actually I can't say I had much hype for Halo 4. Maybe it's because of my loyalness to Bungie and skepticism towards 343. Granted, I'm sure the series will be handled fine in their hands but I have my doubts. Anyway, I don't see no reason why I can't have both. MLP is only going occupy my Saturday morning, the rest will be games.

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Am I the only one who voted for what I thought actually "keeps me on the edge of my seat" and "makes me lol" instead of just blindly choosing MLP on every catagory?

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I'm a huge gamer, always have been. I take part in the Avatar and Gravity Falls communities and I am also a big Star Wars nerd.

Recently, I've been trying to get into anime. Watching stuff like Darker than Black and Gurren Lagann

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I kind of wanted Flight snack or Lauren's suggestion of Wild Blue Yonder to win. But Jet Stream is still a great name for an airline pony.
As for the new poll, I kind of feel their should be a none option in the poll. I don't buy shirts or any sort of merchandise just because I don't see a reason to unless your a collector.

Also, dat Jet Set Radio banner.

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Or...they just forgot to put it in the poll.

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I think so.He said that he was able to get in contact with her and that she recorded some stuff for him but I'm not sure if this was the video he was referring to.

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If you mean some of the more drawn out jokes like the eye candy joke or the one about fluttershy's father, then I guess I get what you mean. I still find some of them funny though. Sometimes the ones that are drawn out are the best ones.

Anyway it's getting late for me and I'd rather not be at this all night, so I'll just end with this. If you don't like the series, thats fine. Theirs no point in trying persuade you otherwise. I just hope I made you "understand" why I or other people might like it and why it's nothing like Family guy.