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Yeah I was thinking about the time Twilight turned mice into horses for the Gala. My head cannon for horses in Equestria has always been that to the ponies they would be like Gorillas are us. This might be destroyed this season but until it is that is how I look at it.

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That scene where Tirek burst through the door and threw the pieces to the side, I totally thought he was dual wielding axes when I watched it the first time.

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Possibly my favorite pair of episodes... OK they are my favorite. Tirek rocked and I feel Discord got quite a bit more closure on his now being a good guy then where he was before. Feels like he now truly knows what friendship is worth to him and that it isn't just something to keep from being turned into stone. Gonna need to watch it a few more times to pick up on the stuff I tend to miss, but overall it felt like a very good finale for season 4.

They should bring back some the other older MLP villains in an upgrade MLP FIM format. Not saying all of them, new ones would be appreciated as well but it would be pretty cool to see nods to the older generation.

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Would've been hilarious if the Tree of Harmony tasered him when he touched it.

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Its quite infuriating that this happened. It saddens me that this happened considering Buttons is a background character in the show that everyone would have forgotten about if not for these animations. But Jan said he wasn't gonna stop animating so perhaps we can all support him with whatever else he animates. He can still animate ponies just not anything from the show, so I guess if he wants he can create entirely new characters in a different setting. Might have greater potential that way with no worries about any CoDs being sent.

At this point I expect it to happen to almost anything that becomes popular ever since the CoD on fighting is magic happened. That is why I download almost everything that I like since it will eventually be taken down by either youtube, hasbro, or the person who put it up for whatever their reason is. Its just safer that way if you want to enjoy it later.

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I had to stop, hurting Fluttershy was tearing my heart out. D':

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Mine doesn't work, guess I will delete it and wait for a fixed copy to be uploaded.

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You know if content producers are having problems with youtube they could just post a quick video to another site for the whole video and then eventually all their followers would just go there instead of youtube. Youtube is popular granted but everything can go the way of the dinosaur if enough people get fed up and go elsewhere. There isn't a single thing that can't get so big that it couldn't fail if it pushed everyone enough.

That said its sad that they might not be making any more pony, but I think I would like to see what original content they might produce. Not everything has to be pony to be good, perhaps they will assist and help other people with pony related content.

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9/10 for me, might be my new favorite episode for the season. I really liked the episode mainly because it reminded me of some of my own family trips as a kid. I remember moving from the west coast to the middle of America as a kid and during the duration of the trip we had to patch up the radiator twice, 3 flat tires, a belt break and grandma drive off with keys to the other car. That was only some of the problems between 3 vehicles we had between my family, my cousins, and grandma; something like 12 people I think. It was a fairly long exhausting trip that nobody at the time would say they enjoyed but now we tend to look back on it and laugh.

Episode kinda reminded me of that so I can relate more to it then anything.

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Lol I think I have had something similar like that happen at least once while playing games.