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Oh dang! Thanks!

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Looks like I've got some clicks left on this batch download I had!

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Jonesing for some season one Due South if anyone's got 'em.

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Good lord.

Part of me was starting to wonder if maybe Garibaldi was just imagining all those lights and codes and implications of brainwashing. It was him feeling lost and confused, out of touch with the world around him, giving himself an internal out for the downward spiral he was on.

But this is so much worse! Its so so so much worse! Its sinister and devious and so so fucked.

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I actually think Pngen is also a great example of that theme! That character grew up in the same environment and is also struggling with the pressures of staying there.

I really hope she ends up alright.

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Its just as fantastical as Steven Universe, but we really do think gur Fur-En erobbg captures a story of a kid who was traumatized by the cult her "mom" forced her into and her struggles to move past that trauma/explain her trauma to other people. Its about escaping that toxic world to find something better. The creator herself is a gay woman who was raised in an evangelical environment and my girlfriend explained to me all the ways she recognizes that world in how the characters are written. But that's just us, if anyone else walked out differently.

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Yeah, I think ultimately its a good fantasy to have out there. And luckily, there's other stuff for us to latch onto for stories of people finally cutting out toxicity.

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What’s going on with the Worker Caste, by the way? Are they just sitting on the sidelines, exasperated that the other two castes are ruining things for everyone again?

You know, I'm kind of wondering if there's a commentary going on with the worker caste. They never seem to have the power or attention as the other castes, even they're supposed to be building everything and hold equal share. Maybe its a message about workers getting ignored by other groups in power?

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I've been thinking about this episode a lot and I think.... ultimately I'm walking out of two minds.

Fighting the Diamonds, ultimately, wasn't... going to be about colonialism or imperialism or any of that stuff. This was always a power fantasy about making the world accept who we are. Refuse assimilation. Refuse joining the cis, straight, white society. The onus isn't on us. They have to accept us. And that DOES feel powerful.

But my girlfriend... walked out differently. And I won't go too in-depth, but it made her feel like she didn't do enough. That she wasn't as good as Steven. That she couldn't make her family understand.

So I think this episode can hit people different ways. I'm glad it hit me and other people with those feelings of strength and joy. But I also understand if it ended up doing harm. And at the end of the day... I think we'll all still remember how important all the moments leading up to this was.